May 16, 2022

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Singing specific neurons have been discovered

Singing specific neurons have been discovered


  • The photograph was now out.The singing speech and instrumental music is different and therefore it is not the same neurons involved.
  • Vocal Musical Music is a well-remembered by humans.

For many years, music has been used by doctors for therapeutic purposes, so these melodies have effects on our nervous system but, according to A new study published in the magazine Current BiologySinging is another art form, very close, may also have a different effect on our brain. During their work, researchers wanted to identify the neurons singing was specifically expressed concern, because already they can not talk about what kind of neuroscientists.Previous studyAs noted, that usually responded to music.

Two methods to combine identify neurons

To go forward, researchers can combine two methods at this time. First of all, it makes it possible to identify the neural population from a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fmr) data.Both of them used the first study. Now it’s possible to make hundreds of thousands or millions of neurons to see action.They used a very small unit of approximation because these other then they were combined with high-resolution data obtained by electrocorosography (ESAG). Is an important theoretical advance in this way about the application of the human body. Combining better aesthetical resolution with fmr data it is possible to get better localization of global responses.” In the brain, Josh McDermott said one of the authors of the study in Reception. Turned out to be. A total of 15 patients participated in this clinical trial. As the researchers analyzed this information, the neurons that responded to it are able to detect…

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