May 17, 2022

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Canadian success: Festive atmosphere

Canadian success: Festive atmosphere

When Martin Saint-Louis addressed his team of journalists after his victory, the music resonated to the point where he had to close his ears more than usual to hear the questions correctly. Unimaginable scene a few weeks ago …

The last few months seem to have become drizzle as the weather has changed. Five consecutive wins will clearly help to regain the lost joy.

“We came to work. All the guys played their games and did their job themselves. It’s fun to watch. We hear it with music. It’s a great atmosphere and it feels like a win. I’m happy for them, ”the pilot began.

St. Louis Brace looked very happy towards Arthuri Lehkonen who scored the goal. Finn clearly had luck against the senators.

The tally now shows eight goals against this team, more than any other club. Of his nine two-goal games in the NHL, three came against Ottawa.

“He’s a man who plays the right way. He takes care of the team, I keep saying. Defensively, he’s an excellent hockey player and he’s dangerous, he’s watching the game,” St. Louis praised.

“It’s fun to see players like him get rewarded with goals. It gives them confidence. A player like Lehkonen never tries to commit an offense without taking care of his defense. We have a lot of players like that and Lehkonen is at the forefront of that division, ”he continued.

Happiness to Hammond

Even the head coach did not hide his joy over his goalkeeper Andrew Hammond. It was an emotional night at work for “Hamburgler” who spent some memorable moments with the senators in his 2014-15 debut.

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“He deserves to play this game and …