November 30, 2023

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Our intestinal flora is now safe with its Swiss

Our intestinal flora is now safe with its Swiss

Stool samples are made in stone dishes for analysis.

Desperate-19 wants to hurt us. Germs.In our gut, however, the spread of many viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms, needed for our existence. It’s a great hope for that body. And scientists protecting the scroll, the planetary microbiology now finds a refuge in Switzerland.

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Worked a lot. A sequencing robot installed in the University Hospital Basel laboratory analyzes the genetic information of bacteria simultaneously from dozens of defecation patterns. Samples, lab distribution in small tubes, come from tourists who have returned from India.

“We get samples from all the world,” says Adrian Egley. Dr. led by the Department of clinical bacterology and Mycology (mushroom science) and is currently conducting first trials for cancer. International project”microbiota Walt”External link (Or filtrable safe).

This makes the robot able to sort models, read them.

In summary, it’s a question on the list of global microorganisms-that’s, all the microorganisms-within a giant archive. And keep it for posterity. The human being is at the center of the project, because our intestinal flora is strongly influenced by our health and not so much…

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