May 22, 2022

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The Quebec logo will take educators out of their comfort zone this Sunday

The Quebec logo will take educators out of their comfort zone this Sunday

Sunday is a surprising promise. Incredible sets, different universes and even drag queens … it’s definitely on display alone Star Academy Stage on our screens, live streaming!

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With songs that none other than Mitsuo, a true Quebec icon. She does everything: she animates, produces, sings and dances. This number has been in motion in his head since the end of October, with the Quebeckers’ favorite man preparing the entire medley with candidates.

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She was not only the guest but also the artistic director for the design of this particular issue. Many universes share a stage. His inspiration? His songs. The man who marked a generation with the Eternal Classic Bye bye my cowboy She challenges young people to compose her songs without falling prey to cartoons. We can easily sing with the refrain The Chinese, The Yaya And Tell me And more next Sunday.

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It is hot, guaranteed, but with an impressive maneuver. There has never been an opportunity in the past to see academics this way. Mitsuo pushed his creativity to the limit to provide an amazing number to the Quebec audience. Surprises also arise during this not to be missed issue.

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She wanted her story to join the candidates and its goal was fulfilled. The songs that will be performed at Medley are definitely needed by the contestants this season.

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Therefore the fourth elimination will take place in the Academicians‌ this Sunday. After another week at the building, Matthew, Oliver and Edward struggle to keep their places in the academy.

Canadian group Simple Plan and talented French singer Yseult will also share the stage with academics.

Let’s meet on TVA this Sunday at 7pm for the fourth Variety Star Academy.

Stay connected with educators because of Videotron’s 24/7 cameras.

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