December 6, 2022

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Educators and Putin | The Journal of Montreal

Educators and Putin |  The Journal of Montreal

Generations of children eat cereal only to find a small gift in the box. To read and listen to certain academics, professors of political science or history who are interested in Vladimir Putin, they have the impression that they have found their diplomas in cereal boxes.

Michael Carley, a professor of history at the University of Montreal, discovered that the Kremlin’s master was “rather impressive.” “There is a tendency to portray Putin as a demon,” he announced yesterday Newspaper. “The idea that he is insane is American propaganda, and he believes that Russia has good reason to fear for his safety.

Fortunately, the renowned Charles-Philippe David is regarded as one of the world’s greatest experts in international relations, an expert in strategic and diplomatic studies. Newspaper In addition to killing Putin in the name of his great ideas, he is a dictator who is ready to “push his country into misery.”

He told our colleague Dominic Scoley that “there are very few ‘putinologists’ because there are few people who are capable of understanding Putin”.

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Authoritarian or dictator

But Guillaume Saw, an expert in Russia from the University of Montreal, certainly described Putin as the head of a very opaque regime, although the term “dictator” is considered an unscientific term. He likes to say “he is a tyrannical leader who is growing authoritarian”! This is a slightly more scientific focus.

All this proves that academics show skeptical predictions and judgments and that they cannot escape ideology or subjectivity even if they are full of doctorates.

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To try to understand, one must know history, but also have a sensitive and penetrating knowledge of human nature and the psychology of these almighty and bloodthirsty dictators, who are often deposed and murdered.