November 27, 2022

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The UPAC has concluded the Machurar trial

The UPAC has concluded the Machurar trial

No charges have ever been filed in connection with this trial.

After an eight-year trial and more than 300 witnesses, the head of the Permanent Anti-Corruption Bureau (UPAC) said in a statement on Monday that it had sought a legal opinion from the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP). In 2019. On the next steps related to this research on the relationship between the awarding of contracts by the Quebec Government Quebec Liberal PartyTo companies in lieu of payments into party boxes.

After handing over the question in 2020 to the Evidence Review Committee headed by the Honorable Andre Rochon, a retired judge from the Court of Appeals, Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions It sent its conclusions to the UPAC in December 2020, which decided last January to put an end to this river research.

Given the legal opinion taking into account all the rigor and resources already invested in this inquiry, the Commissioner felt that there was no reason to pursue it. [enquête] And so it ends.

A quote from Frederick Goudrow, Anti-Corruption Commissioner, in a press release

Many higher ranks Quebec Liberal Party Former Premier Jean Charles, a former party treasurer, is among the researchers Mark BeauAs well as a former director of financing Violet Trepanier. In this investigation, UPAC suspected the existence of an illegal Liberal Party financing system based on prescribed practice Funding for the sector Between 2002 and 2012.

Under the suspected scheme the government would award public contracts to companies, undertaking to pay substantial sums to the QLP’s treasury through donations made by employees of companies and business groups that benefited from these contracts.

It should be remembered that no charges were laid against anyone at this trial. Radio-Canada revealed the presence In November 2014

The DPCP explained that the content of the legal opinion, which is protected by professional privacy, provided to the UPAC in connection with the Mâchurer trial would not be published.

Relief in the Charrest clan

Former Quebec Premier Jean Charest may enter the race to lead the Conservative Party of Canada.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Ivanoh Demers

In a statement released Monday afternoon, former Quebec premier Jean Charest, now a lawyer, said he had observed the UPAC’s decision.

It was only today that Jean-Charest learned that the UPAC had decided to submit to the Committee of Experts from the DPCP the evidence gathered in the Machurar investigation.

This trial had a profound effect on my personal life, my family life, my colleagues in my political life and my current colleagues.

A quote from Jean Charrest, former Quebec Premier

The continuation of this research has become meaningless and has been unfair to me and my family for almost eight years of our lives, said Mr. Charrest added. My family and I would like to thank our colleagues, colleagues and friends who have stopped supporting us.

Mature’s trial as former Liberal Prime Minister is over Has been in court for a few weeks Entered the party leadership race through the fringes of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC).

In November, Jean-Charles Legalt has increased his lawsuit against the government to $ 2 million Alleged that information from confidential UPAC documents was leaked to the press for violating his privacy.

Jean-Charles also condemned the behavior of Genevieve Gilbolt, the Minister of Public Security who presented the book. QLP Inc. – Jean Charrest’s face appears during question and answer session on October 21 in Quebec National Assembly.

Surprised by doing so, the former prime minister, Franకోois Legalt, revised the legal action against the government from one to two million dollars.

On February 17, PLQ leader Dominic Angled was in office Exit Public Square To defend Jean Charrest after the opposition Doubts are raised over his integrity. Mrs. Anglade thoughtNine years later it was time to end it.

That same day, Jean-Charles felt he had nothing to be ashamed of when it came to political financing Demanded that the trial on Machurar be stopped By voice of his lawyer Me Michelle Massicot.

Minister Gilbolt observed

Genevieve Gilbolt, standing in the assembly, holds a book with Jean Charrest on the cover.

Jean-Charles Legalt has doubled the amount of his lawsuit against the government after Minister Genevieve Gilbolt presented the book “PLQ inc”. During Question Hour on October 21 in the Quebec National Assembly.

Photo: Radio-Canada

In Quebec, the Minister of Public Security, Genevieve Gilbolt, responded cleverly to the Machurar investigation by the UPAC, believing that the latter was the second party to justify its decision.

We note the decision of UPAC to put an end to the Machu Picchu investigation initiated during the previous administration of the company. The UPAC has yet to explain its decision.

A quote from Genevieve Gilbolt, Minister of Public Safety

It should be noted that our Government has taken all necessary steps to rectify the UPAC and adequately fulfill its objective. Taking advantage of these changes now depends on the management of the organizationMs. Guilbault adds.

The minister made it clear that his government would no longer comment on the file as there were lawsuits against the government.

Apology time According to Anglade

Dominic Angled at a press conference at the National Assembly.

Dominic Anglade demanded an end to the investigation into the fact that his party had been dragged like a ball and chain for eight years.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Sylvain Roy Roussell

In the Quebec Liberal Party, leader Dominic Angled has demanded an apology to members of his political party and staff, whose reputation has been tarnished by years of suspicion of fraud and corruption.

After all these years, the time has come for the UPAC to put an end to this trial. She must now apologize for leading the public fishing spree.

A quote from Excerpt from a press release from the Quebec Liberal Party

Mentioned in a statement entitled The fishing trip is overThe leadership of the PLQ is the resolutions of the UPAC and the DPCP Undoubtedly.

Remember that the Liberal Party of Quebec has always respected the laws and has always offered its full and full cooperation in the investigation.The party writes.

For more than a decade, volunteers, members, employees and elected officials of the Liberal Party of Quebec have been repeatedly subjected to unjust attacks.Condemns the political establishment.

Disappointment between PQ and solidarity

Leaving the Machurar trial not only pleased the people on the opposition benches, especially in Quebec Solidarity, shocked Alexandre Leduk, the spokesman for justice. Indefinite extension of the Machurar trial Ultimately it only served to preserve UPAC’s reputation.

At the party Quebecois, leader Paul Saint-Pierre Plamandon expressed outrage on his Twitter account, ending the investigationViolation.

For anyone who follows politics and remembers the results of the Charbonneau Commission, this result is an unpleasant, embarrassing moment.PQ leader denied.

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