June 6, 2023

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Ukraine: China calls for peace and postpones moves

Ukraine: China calls for peace and postpones moves

China, which has refused to condemn Russia for its attack on Ukraine, called on Monday to intensify the conflict as the two parties begin talks in Belarus.

Since the beginning of the conflict, Chinese diplomacy has been engaged in a balanced action between Moscow for its political proximity and the traditional defense of the “sovereignty and territorial integrity” of the states.

Beijing refused to pass a UN Security Council resolution on Friday condemning Russia’s aggression, but did not vote against it, seeking asylum in its absence.

The communist regime refuses to talk about the Russian “invasion” and “understands” Russia’s “reasonable” demands in terms of security, accepting Moscow’s grievances against NATO.

On Monday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to keep his nuclear forces on alert and called only on parties fighting “calm and restraint not to escalate further.”

He said that as the Russian and Ukrainian negotiators meet in Belarus, Moscow’s ally, “China will support all efforts to intensify and bring about a political solution.”

Wang also criticized Western sanctions on Russia, believing they would create new problems.

Mr. who met his counterpart Ji Jinping in Beijing in early February during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. The Chinese power did not want to say whether Putin had warned of an attack on Ukraine.

Beijing has ignored warnings from Western intelligence services about an impending Russian invasion, with its 6,000 or more civilians at risk of fighting.

The Chinese embassy in Kiev initially called on them to identify themselves with the Chinese flag and announced flight evacuations to China.

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But the diplomatic mission changed hands on Saturday, calling on its citizens to act with the utmost discretion, before abandoning their evacuation on Sunday as the situation worsened.

On social networks, Internet users report unconfirmed incidents between Ukrainians and Chinese in the country.

“Ukrainians are in a difficult situation and are very distressed,” Ambassador Fan Xianrong said in a video posted online on Sunday, in which he called on “not to argue with the locals.”

“We need to understand their feelings and not provoke them,” he added.