December 8, 2022

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Why are those qualities permanent?

Why are those qualities permanent?


  • Lyme disease is caused by a infected tick bite, also called Lime borreosis.Lyme is too painful, lime is too small, so Lime is very hurt
  • This virus has more than 50,000 spyware free download every year.
  • Feeling different in my skin.If left in the right side, an antibiotic should be followed.

In June 2018, the The high health authority In some patients the officially recognized presence of persistent and unexplained symptoms of Lyme disease. According to these regulations, it refers to muscle pain, fatigue or headaches. “At the current state of knowledge, we do not know if these signals are due to the existence of continuous Lyme borneosis (or after treatment) or other pathogens.– Business.”, Then specifies there was. Scientists have provided a description. In their research, published in Scientific ReportsSelect closeVedha Parthasarathi has no related to the remains of bacteria responsible for Disease in the body.

Continuous disorders, despite treatment

Two researchers from tulan University reminded that lime disease is mainly caused by bacteria Boris burgdorfrey. It can cause erythema on the skin within 3 to 30 days after bite and bites. Helps prevent the onset of the disease. “However, approximately 10 to 35% of patients treated for erythrope migration or early Lyme disease have up to moderate intensity after the follow-up of 6 to 12 months of persistent or intermittent muscle, mild cognitive or fatigue disorders”Scientists specify.

Bacterium dead fragments

Before this study,…