May 18, 2022

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Hate in the neo-Nazi trial is disguised as black humor

Hate in the neo-Nazi trial is disguised as black humor

Nazism everywhere, non-stop, until the streets of our country are flooded with tears of our enemiesHe wrote.

Prosecutor Me Patrick Lafrenière asked him to find out if he knew such an argument from members of the Jewish community could provoke strong reactions.

I know about it, but the defendants replied that it misinterprets the article. Every time I write a sentence, if I have to stop all possible explanations, it becomes ridiculous.

A quote from Gabriel Sohier

For Gabriel Sohier Chaput, The Daily Storm Is a humorous publication, whose goal Make unarmed on the left. It’s ridiculous, it’s one Funny, He testified. The Daily Storm, Which is satirical Nazism, which is basically not satire. It’s like an American satirical newspaper Tea Onions. The layout is almost identical to a legitimate newspaper, but it’s in content that you can say sarcastically. Obscurity is part of the joke. For Daily StormIf there is no ambiguity, it will not work. No one talks about it. It does not shock anyone.

When asked about the publication Target Readership, a man by the nickname Jieger separated the two groups. “Internet codes have young audiences who know and understand the irony, they appreciate it and it’s fun. And there are those who do not understand. They find it very scary and react on social networks. Purpose Daily StormIt is about making some people laugh and making others angry and confusing. ⁇

Gabriel Sohier Chaput testified in Montreal court.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Erica Morris

To the accused, the references to Nazism in his writings are nothing but exaggeration. The Nazis, the people who wanted the extermination of the Jews, he proved that this was the creation of Hollywood. There is no actual evidence for that. I have never met anyone. It’s a dark fantasy. The Holocaust is the ultimate evil, it is the sacred cow. If we want to bring down political correctness, we must touch on semitism. Do not hide anything based on emotional reactions. Every subject should be discussed openly.

For the anthropologist and researcher at the Center for Expertise and Training in Religious Fundamentalism and Radicalization (CEFIRR), Frederick Nadou, culture of humor and “meme” is a frequently used process in this field.Alt Right.

The irony is that it is a practical loophole that he can refute comments in an acceptable manner during the trial. If the reader takes it too seriously, he will be ridiculous.

The fun aspect also makes it possible to recruit young people. Subversive humor is very appealing. It’s a way of normalizing serious conversation to discourage the population.

A quote from Frederick Nadayu, researcher at CEFIRR

Main collaborator

The accused described his first interactions in 2016 with Andrew Anglin, the founder of the publication, one of the most important figures in American neo-Nazism.

I met him in an interview. I wanted to ask about him Daily Storm. It seemed strange to me at the time. At the end, he asked me to write for him.

Mr. Sohier Chaput became one of the most important contributors to the publication. I read the news on traditional sites like New York Times, CNNThe Bone Angels Times Or the local media, he said. When I found interesting or interesting articles, I added notes and submitted the submission to Andrew. He edited them, added pictures to make them more playful and published them, or.

The 35-year-old admitted to publishing 800 and 1,000 articles there, paying US $ 14.88 each. Me Lafrenière also asked him about the meaning of the numbers 14 and 88. For white supremacists, 14 refers Slogan of 14 words Neo-Nazi David Lane (We must protect the existence of our people and the future of white children) And 88 in the first letters Hell to Hitler. Defendant replied that he had no knowledge of these figures even though they were found directly in the article which came up for discussion in the court.

The author of some of the anti-Semitic passages in the text filed as evidence by Gabriel Sohier Chaput is Mr. Attributed to Anglin.

My style is more flowery and colorful, he said. I mostly refer to fantasy and science fiction. His style is outstanding.

A quote from Gabriel Sohier

From 2016 to 2017, the defendants published anonymously on the site Daily Starmer. Thanks to the joint work of the newspaper, his mask was unveiled in May 2018 Tea GazetteHave (New window)Have And activists from anti-fascist MontrealHave (New window)Have. A warrant for his arrest was issued in November 2018 following a complaint filed by the Jewish organization B’nai Brith.

Imprisonment for a maximum of two years for inciting hatred against a recognizable group.

The trial is set to begin on Friday, and the trial is set to begin on Friday morning in Montreal.

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