February 22, 2024

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Triple-negative breast cancer patients want treatments…

Triple-negative breast cancer patients want treatments...

A little known, this cancer that affects about 15% of breast cancer patients, or 9,000 new cases per year, concerns are rather young and boring. : 40% age at 40.

Recurrent risk is higher: 30% within three years of verification.

In the coming months, this precondition has been developed for the past 20 years: lack of effective treatments has sustained 11.3% of the lives of five years.

The surface of the cancer cells (HER2-protein), already capable of responding to targeted treatment.

In fact, he had received a year earlier during Cyprus.This week the community came together in the first week of December with the rose by TripAdvisor.

The world triple negative breast cancer Day on March 3 before three days, this collective call “Urgently” Access Innovative treatments, Examples of conjunctivitis, immunotherapy, or conjunctivitis.

According to reports, the use of two treatments last autumn by the French health authorities, approved the use of putterium and Trod.The mountains will also like collective itself “Project to set up a national platform for clinical trials” For women with this cancer.


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