November 27, 2022

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Strong arrests at SPVQ: Soon “significant” changes in the GRIPP unit

Strong arrests at SPVQ: Soon "significant" changes in the GRIPP unit

The Quebec police chief has promised “significant” changes by summer over the command of the GRIPP unit, which was splashed through the transmission of videos of controversial interventions last fall.

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Denis Turcotte answered questions from elected officials at a plenary session requested by Leader of the Opposition Claude Villeneuve in Quebec City Hall on Wednesday afternoon.

From the outset, the Municipal Council President warned elected officials that this exercise of accountability was not constituted as a “Commission of Inquiry”, recalling that ethical investigations and the Bureau of Independent Investigations (BEI) were always in progress.

Beyond the ultimate sanctions imposed on officers involved in forced arrests, the SPVQ head is preparing a major review of the GRIPP unit’s command to police relations and population, which will survey and contribute to the bar. Fight against organized crime and prostitution.

Negotiations with the Brotherhood

“These are important changes. They will definitely change in implementation, but it will remain a dedicated unit to address specific issues in our city. I can not tell you today what it will be like because there is a negotiation issue,” Mr Turcot told the Press Scrum.

As the collective agreement is in effect until the end of 2023, the Brotherhood of Police Officers will need to be consulted in advance. Mr. Turkot hopes to find a common ground with the union and implement a new model. ‘Here in the summer, the changes from the plan will be positive,’ he said.

Discussion on the existence of profiling

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When Transitional Quebec adviser Jackie Smith was asked about racial profiling in Quebec, the SPVQ chief said he “would not tolerate it” and that such a situation would be “unacceptable” if kept “for the time being”. Using condition. Mrs. surprised by his answer.Me Smith blamed the chef for putting his head in the sand.

“There are many testimonials that say it exists. This kind of deliberate blindness is really frustrating. It’s very well known. It starts with recognizing that there is a problem, to move forward and have a better police service,” she said.

“If there are similar cases submitted to us, I will investigate them. I am not saying it does not exist, I am saying that it was not brought to my attention. It’s not the same thing, “said Mr Turkot, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

Mayor Bruno Marchand sided with the police chief. “I think he is an honest, well-intentioned and tolerant police chief. Did not show that. Didn’t people complain for fear of not being heard? You have to go check it out […] And if so, things will be rectified, I am confident, ”he said.

One thing is for sure, all elected officials agree on the need to document the phenomenon in the capital. Opposition leader Claude Villeneuve also said he was “satisfied” with what he heard during the full committee meeting.

“The policy promoted by our police chief is to interfere with people who commit crimes, not to interfere with people because of their skin color. This is very important. Now, does this always happen on the pitch in practice? Investigations we know.

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