May 24, 2022

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Why should one learn Poker ?

Poker is basically a card game. Some historians believe that it originated from Germany around the 16th century, while there are other historians who believe that the poker game came from a Domino card game played by the 10th century Chinese emperor. There is also a similar kind of card game which Parisian people used to play in the 16th century named “As Nas”. In the 17th century the French people used to play poker game named ‘Poque’.

Things you should know for playing poker

  • 10 Basic five card hands in India Online Poker Championship
    1. The real flush- it’s the highest ranking hand which involves 10, Jack, Queen, King, and an Ace of the same suit. You can tie a royal flush but you cannot beat the royal flash by the royal flush of another suit.
    2. The straight flush- in this you have five consecutive cards of the same suit.
    3. The four of a kind- in this you have four same rank cards and the fifth card is another ranked card. In this hand if you have 4 Ace cards that means no one can have any hand on an ace, which means no Royal flush is available.
    4. The full house- there are three matching cards of one rank and two matching cards of another rank.
    5. The Flush- in this hand you have five cards of the same suit.
    6. The three of a kind- you will have 3 cards of the same rank with two unmatched cards.
    7. The Two pair- in this you’re gonna have 2 cards of 1 rank with 2 cards of another rank followed by an unmatched card.
    8. Straight- in this you have 5 consecutive ranked cards but from more than one suit.
    9. Pair- there are two cards of the same rank with other 3 unmatched cards.
    10. High card- this is the lowest ranking hand which involves five unmatched cards.
  • Place the bet- usually the game starts with the bet, there are two kinds of starting bets.
    1. The player sitting next to the dealer makes a small blind bet which is usually half of the actual bet, the person sitting on the left side of the player places a big blind which is the minimum bet.
    2. Each player put in the minimum bet in the beginning at the pool.
  • Staying calm while playing helps you to concentrate on the cards.
  • The five cards stud –
    1. The bet where the house states the amount.
    2. The dealer who deals 5 cards one by one.
    3. Check your cards to calculate the amount to bet.
    4. Every player bets, in the same way as the cards are dealt.
    5. Cards gets flipped up and shown, the person with the best hand wins the game.
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Why one should play poker 

Usually people don’t encourage playing poker because of its bad side but every thing has a good side too. There are many positive sides of playing poker, such as-

  • Playing poker improves the patience.
  • Playing poker spurs creativity.
  • Playing poker helps you in long-term thinking.
  • Playing poker can improve your mathematics skills.
  • Playing poker teaches you money management lessons.
  • Playing poker can improve focus and concentration level in a person.
  • Playing poker develops logical thinking ability.
  • Playing poker teaches discipline.
  • Playing poker can develop a good judgement skill.