April 2, 2023

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Luc Dionne District addresses 31 fans to expose a dramatic situation in February

Luc Dionne District addresses 31 fans to expose a dramatic situation in February

This week, author Luc Dionne spoke with fans District 31 To tell them about a critical situation that arose last month.

It can be read as follows:

It’s exactly one month ago… Wednesday February 2… Kovid Case మధ్యలో In the middle of a week filming… The material and unfinished articles already filmed work less than expected. To make matters worse, Kovid is the main character in the story that lasts for two weeks. Stays away for ten days. Summit. The only solution is to stop broadcasting the series during the Olympics. We think, we reflect, we change our thoughts … we save things, we rewrite story bits, we make different choices while editing.

It is also impossible for us to shoot the texts planned for the next week, Kovid will not be. It’s Wednesday, we’m rolling our sleeves, we’re rewriting four episodes, production is “stripping down” at breakneck speed, we’re re-shooting schedules, the cast is learning Sunday lessons, the casting is done as we go. The machine is running at full speed. This is not to boast or “boast”. This is the reality of everyday cinema that takes place during the epidemic.

I am writing to you this evening because I want to publicly thank this team; These artists, actors and actresses, technicians, editors and post-production team work tirelessly to deliver the best possible product for you in difficult situations. The easiest solution is to choose a two-week vacation. Since this adventure is in the middle, I know that everyone has made the necessary efforts to stay on course. Doubtful episodes you’ll be watching this week as well as next week.

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He concluded: This series is coming to an end soon. For the rest of my life I will remember the week 2/2/2022. There are no strong words to express the immense respect I have for this team that has shown exceptional commitment.

As in yesterday’s episode, Noelie told Florence that Patrick was on trial for the whole week, guessing we’re talking about Vincent Guillome-Otis here.

Remember that Mark Fournier violated his rule in an interview this week District 31. Read it all here.