October 4, 2022

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PLQ is still haunting its troubled past

PLQ is still haunting its troubled past

Dominic Anglade must be happy (yes, I’m sarcastic): Jean-Charles could become leader of the Federal Conservative Party again on September 10.

In the middle of the election campaign in Quebec! (The ballot will be held on October 3.) This will be bad news for the English, who have no choice but to comment.

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Initially, we saw how her reflex established a greater distance than sanitary between her and this potential return to her ancestral business.

“I do not know, Francois Legalt,” she replied awkwardly on February 15. […] I am not going to interfere in a possible leadership race at the federal level. ⁇

For weeks, Angled has been trying to further prove Legalt’s clear support for the Federal Conservatives in the last election campaign as further “proof” that the CAQ is passing on blue patriarchy from another era.

Seeking to limit her comments as much as possible, she reduced Jean-Charles’ balance sheet: “The First Joint Council of Ministers is an example of what he has collaborated on. ⁇

Then, she further aggravated her case by inciting “rules” in her “political structure” that would have prevented the person under investigation – which at the time applied to Mr. Charrest – applied!

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Angled’s pusilanimity provoked the wrath of elected officials and activists from the Charest era. Also, the next day, Lease Theriolt made her premature exit against QS and PQ, which at the time described the PLQ governments as “corrupt”. In doing so, Theriolt reframed from passing his boss: “I am a former minister of Mr. Charrest. I am not corrupt, my colleagues are not corrupt, we do not accept being called corrupt! ⁇

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Last Tuesday, Mr.Me Theriolt and his colleague Christine Saint-Pierre have stated that they will not remain neutral in the next leadership race.

Although Jean admires Charrest wholeheartedly, there are gossips inside that the two of them are probably dreaming of a “beautiful appointment” from the Charest government in Ottawa.

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Want to intervene?

In Quebec, all other parties, with the exception of our colleague Genevieve Lazoi, confirmed yesterday that they would not interfere in the Conservative leadership race.

Even Eric Duheim’s “conservative” party! Andre Bachand, who has been a rare former Blue since he was leader of the Charest Progressive Conservative Party, is also a CAQ in the ranks.

At the very least it is paradoxical to say: the man who proudly insisted that she would not interfere in the Conservative race will finally have to leave her elected officials free to openly express their preference towards the Conservative candidate!

The troublesome past of the PLQ, the past of the Charest era does not want to pass. This haunts and weakens the command of Philip Couillard, who, in his last year in power, tried desperately to square the circle. Let us recall his famous one: “For restoration, it requires continuity. ⁇

Here is Dominic Anglade caught up in similar contradictions. The ghost that insisted the other night in Ottawa is JC himself returning to the political scene: a party “must be faithful to its history” …

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