March 20, 2023

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Protectionism | Joe Biden announces the tightness of “By American”

Protectionism |  Joe Biden announces the tightness of "By American"

(Washington) US President Joe Biden is drawing up his long-term promise to enforce the protected provisions of the American Act.

Posted 1:53 pm

This clamp also increases the need for “national content” in federal infrastructure projects, a threshold that will increase from 55% today to 75% by 2029.

Mr Biden and industrial giant Siemens on Friday announced a $ 54 million project to boost key power infrastructure production.

Biden Administration’s strategy also allows the government to use a new preferential pricing policy that encourages growth in US supplies for critical products and components.

Mr. Biden was a key figure in his campaign for the presidency, as well as his first year in the White House, where he strictly enforced long-standing By-American rules.

His administration says efforts have already paid off in a range of industries, with companies expanding their operations in the United States in line with the new framework.

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