May 24, 2022

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Ukraine: Freeland a thousand miles from Trudeau

Ukraine: Freeland a thousand miles from Trudeau

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Canada has played its role well.

A moral leader, Vladimir Putin is the appropriate representative of the harsh and unpopular sanctions.

In times of crisis, we once thought that the federal government would rule. Refresh.

If this is the case, especially because of Finance Minister Christiana Freeland.

In fact, it was as if her whole life had been predestined to this crisis.

Originally from Ukraine, she studied Russian literature at Harvard University. Journalist, her correspondent Financial times In Moscow, a few years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. She writes about the transition from communist Russia to capitalism and the concentration of Russian wealth in the hands of a few oligarchs.

The foreign minister has been widely criticized for his tough stance on Putin.

She already called Putin a dictator in 2014 and she knows what Putin wants.


That is why his speech last Monday was so fitting.

“Because of these people, there have been instances in history where the great struggle between freedom and tyranny has landed in one place, the struggle for the whole of humanity. ⁇

This sentence has it all, a thousand leagues from the steam phrases we are accustomed to by Justin Trudeau.

At the time it seemed that the head of state was not Justin Trudeau, but Christiana Freeland.

She was the one who naturally embodied power. She pointed.

Media Politico also stated that it was in direct consultation with the Ukrainian government on Freeland and could hold a Western consensus to freeze the Russian Central Bank before the initially reluctant Americans and Europeans.

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End of rule

In Ottawa, it’s no longer the smell of truckers’ gas, but the end of the regime.

Justin Trudeau will soon be walking in the snow, as Trudeau Sr. did before announcing his resignation.

At this point, everything suggests that Canada is living in its freeland moment.