March 25, 2023

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CAQ and its mitigation nationalism

CAQ and its mitigation nationalism

Thanks to Black Quebecois, the House of Commons passed a resolution condemning the reconstruction of the federal electoral map that was unfavorable to Quebec.

We do not regret this move, of course.

When a person drowns, we are glad he can keep his head or the tip of his nose above the water for a while longer. But this dam did not last long.

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What Renనే Levesque calls the “sinking” of the Cuban population by the Canadian immigration policy will become even more serious in the coming years. We condemn the disappearance of this Federation.

But in the parallel world of regional politics, we pretend not to see this fact.

Thus on Twitter, Sonia Label, an important figure in the CAQ, and, above all, a spokeswoman for its ultra-federalist wing, allowed herself a lunar comment.

I quote her: “I am very happy to see that the Federal MPs voted overwhelmingly against the resolution passed by Black Quebecos seeking not to lose Quebec seats during the redrawing of the Federal Electoral Map. Quebec must continue to have a strong voice in Ottawa. ”

We will not insult her to believe that Sonia Label does not know how to count and that she is a stranger to the steel law of the population.


She knows we have less and less weight in Canada. She also knew that the francophones in Quebec were lighter and lighter. And his government at this time refused to impose the French CEGEP. So let’s ask the question directly: what is the horizon of Coquismo? Answer: Quebec in Canada does not regress very quickly.

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Let’s translate: it disappears without much pain.

Coquismo nationalism is how palliative care is for medicine.