December 8, 2022

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This new features covid-19?

L'odynophagie se caractérise par des maux de gorge importants. © Master1305, Adobe Stock

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[EN VIDÉO] Self enough to visit the first city “covid special”
A Spanish architectural firm has envisaged an eco-wooden city of food autonomy, its generating water and electricity.A CA.A project is intended for a new neighborhood in China, but it aims to be developed with infectious. Cattle in the spring.

Khrushchev Covid-19 Initially thought it was a disease of the lower respiratory tract mainly affected Lung. More data are published and show that Sun-Cave-2 Actually can touch several organs: Cardiovascular system Or else Brainwave. Scientists also use a Systemic diseaseThat is, from the disease that can affect almost all organs.

The photograph was now out.Moreover, different versions do not necessarily have exactly the same characteristics. Twitter Losing flavor Mobile / liveOdor Original type casual VirusThis Symptom Currently the dominant variant, the port type is far lower. Recently, a new feature has been described as this variant, the highlight Light The upper respiratory is its ability to touch an organ: the esophagus.

Orophegia, a pain of the esophagus

Odinophobia was a pain in the esophagus, swallowed and felt when it was deterrent. This pain can be felt alone or pain in the throat, voice hoarseness, and Fever.

According to a Swedish study Published in The Journal of Internal MedicineIn addition, this symptom is particularly infected but will affect young, vaccinations and healthy people. ToRs that went through an emergency department of study-CV-2 could have positive tests for all patients who are and who are pro-gated Pvt. NoseOf the ear and throat of a Swedish hospital….

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