October 3, 2023

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Are French and English equal?

Are French and English equal?

Justin Trudeau is not the only one in the role of Prime Minister. Official Languages ​​Minister, Janet Petitpass Taylor also excelled in the composition role.

The Minister introduced his bill in 1969 to modernize the official languages. She is laying the foundation stone to give it more teeth by giving additional powers to the Commissioner of Languages.

However, looking at the project, it is doubtful whether its contribution to the federal agencies and businesses within this jurisdiction will strengthen the French position.

Plaster is hard to bite with teeth!

Smoke “show”

Strong tools like the Bill 101 extension are not in its boxes for federal civil servants and all companies operating in Quebec.

In fact, this modernization tends towards bilingualism for Quebec. This would lead to a more decadent French decline with the new immigration thresholds that the Trudeau government wants to impose.

In Canada of multiculturalism, Quebec does not rely on Ottawa to preserve and promote the development of the French language.

Justin Trudeau did not hesitate to appoint a French-speaking governor-general. New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs is the only official bilingual Anglophone in the bilingual province of Canada. We are still concerned about the need for bilingualism for Supreme Court judges.

In many countries where there are many official languages, the language spoken by the majority of the country’s speakers is dominant and leads to language transfers. A similar situation in Canada!

Despite being a French-speaking source, Minister Petitpas Taylor pushed Buffonery to put English before her favorite languages ​​on the presentation page of the House of Commons.

It’s easy to believe she added her spouse’s name to embed this one-way bilingualism!

Who will save you

Despite what some multiculturalist propagandists say, the use of French in everyday life is declining across Canada.

Despite the anger provoked by some events in recent months, the response of politicians to promote the use of the French language has been very cowardly.

We cannot count on Justin Trudeau or Franకోois Legalt to build a solid wall. Even less so on PCC’s Jean Charest leader. The latter abandoned traditional progressivism to rally the right of the West, while the French were not actually very warm.

In the case of the federal and provincial opposition parties, the defenses are fragile to prevent anglicization. BQ and PQ remain the best defenders, but have limited powers in the current circumstances.

The silent disappearance of the Quebec nation has long been programmed. Claude Gauthier sings: “I am Quebec dead or alive. What do we choose?