February 24, 2024

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Jean Charrest & Dune | The Journal of Montreal

Jean Charrest & Dune |  The Journal of Montreal

Compared to what is happening in Ukraine, everything is ridiculous.

But I still want to talk about the beautiful love story that is developing between some Federal Conservatives and Jean Charrest.


According to these Conservatives, only Jean-Charles can defend his party.

To protect him from the temptation of radicalization and to bring him to a little more center.

“When we know the characteristics of Jean Charest, we ignore all the comments that some people make without any accusation and we look at the roadmap, we are in front of the person with the whole background,” said Deputy Alain Race.

In fact, there are no allegations against the former Quebec Premier.

And UPAC has removed the plug on the famous mature research that has been stuck for 10 years.

But does that mean Mr. Charest has nothing to be ashamed of?

That his role in the scandals that polluted his government was nothing?

Self-created image

When I think of the Liberal Party under the auspices of Jean Charest, do you know which film comes to mind?

Dunes, By Denis Villeneuve.

Last month, Villeneuve’s blockbuster received ten nominations for the upcoming Oscars. Best Music, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Visual Effects, Best Cinematography, Best Set Design, Best Costume Design, Best Makeup and Hairstyle, Best Editing, Best Sound.

And the best film.

But Denis Villenev was not nominated for Best Director!

As if the movie was taken by itself!

What a role Villeneuve played in music, sound, editing, sets, and costumes! Everyone who knows a little about the film knows that the director is the conductor.

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He dictates his choices. Imposes his attention. He guides the decisions of his associates (whom he chooses) and puts his nose everywhere.

Just like not nominating Villeneuve to the Oscars for Best Director, ignoring the chef who prepared the prize-winning recipe for the best sauce, the best spice, the best cooking, the selection of the best ingredients and the best performance!

That does not make sense at all.

Conductorless orchestra

What has that got to do with Jean Charrest, you ask?

I got there.

The Charbonno Commission has shown that there is unhealthy prostitution between Jean Charrest and the PLQ run by some consulting engineering firms.

There have been discussions about illegal financing, about ministers who have to raise $ 100,000 a year for the party, allegations that led to a major fundraiser (and a close aide to the prime minister) and promised contracts in lieu of financing. Generous contracts etc.

And did Jean Charrest play any role in that?

All of this could have happened … all by itself? Is that so?

Didn’t anyone in the liberal forces impose this culture?

Money and Removal Did this culture appear overnight? Acne on your nose?

Well …

It seemed unlikely that it would create a $ 165 million blockbuster.

Without conductor.

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