May 17, 2022

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Star Academy | Thanks to Footloose, Jeremy is alive

Oui, Cline Dion rechantera!  |  La Presse

Teachers who have been trying to break up Jeremy Plante since the start of the school year in Waterloo have again failed in their attempt to expel this impatient student. Second, viewers save 25-year-old Lewisian from elimination, Sunday evening, during a gala Star Academy Voices of “Pop Art”.

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On stage in the packed Mells studio, Jeremy Plante, wore a look GreaseImpressive song selected Foot Loose By Kenny Loggins. And like Ren McCormack (Kevin Bacon) in an abandoned warehouse in Beaumont, Utah, he danced for the vote. All that is missing is the blessing of Ariel, Willard, Rusty and the Reverend Shaw.

Is Jeremy’s performance extraordinary? No but, in the end, the TVA educator who did not choose a song that was sad, boring or depressing.

People rewarded Jeremy Plante’s enthusiasm and perseverance. However, look for big head syndrome. It’s waiting for Jeremy.

Throughout the week, teachers reminded 25-year-old Sandrine Hebert of Kotikook that she never sang songs on the note and that she had to correct her vocal problems. Surprisingly, Sandrine was humiliated and removed after re-reading It’s zeroJulie Massey by Javier Dolan’s father Manuel Tadros is a great success.

Photo from Star Academy Facebook page

Sandrine Hebert

Educators rescued 27-year-old Marley Dorian from Sherbrook, a more original and creative artist than Sandrine. His description I love you, I love you and I love youBy Francis Cabrell, is very beautiful.

Photo from Star Academy Facebook page

Marley Dorian

Surprisingly, the DIY number with the 26-year-old Belgian pop star Angel was not very shiny in the evening. He began Forget everything With tight shots in a Citroen car on the border of claustrophobia. And academics troubled the Belgian singer’s register. Even the best Audrey-Louis in the group is not the best.

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At the end of this 2 hour 05 minute gala, Ingrid Saint-Pierre was extremely moving with simplicity and gentleness. Jewelers (With Oliver) and Twines (With Audrey-Louis and Julian‌) Our room was shaking. And eloquence in an interview with host Mark Dupree.

A very good tribute to Renee Martell by Paul Daray, Isabelle Boule, Annie Blanchard and Guillaume Lafand. Once again, Audrey-Lewis stood out I am going to LondonLike Crystal and Edward Ann Love that does not want to die.

Six days after Danny Bader’s positive resignation, the group performed with a bag of hits like La Chicane. I miss you And Calvary (Correct to Oliver). Boom Deszardins, still in the voice, took the opportunity to announce Jean-Marc Koucher, the champion. Star Academy 2012Joined the ABTB band as a guitarist.

It’s a big evening for former academics with the return of Annie Blanchard (2005), Jean-Marc Koucher (2012) and Guillome Lafand (2021).

Many of you will complain about the dress worn by academics. I do not know. It is better to be bold and avoid overly classic black dresses. On Sunday evening, it seemed to us that we were unveiling a comic book with Vitamin Colors. A mix of effects from the 1990s andArchie.

Leo Weather Van

Follow షléonore Lagacé’s Shenanigans at Big Brother Celebrities The dense plot of the series is far more difficult to understand Lovecraft country, West World Where Watch men On HBO. It’s coming out of Lysane, no, it’s coming out of Stephanie, no, it’s coming out of Eddie!

Screen capture from video on NOOVO.CA

Eleanor Luggage

The boss of Disco Week never found her rhythm and never pushed the false notes in the house-studio. Huge disappointment. Eleanor Dit Leo allied herself with everything on hand, including the Hello Fresh Burger, which was decorated with halomi, copying the (dubious) strategy of comedian Michelle Desrocher.

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Leo completely lost us in the mountain of his smoky lies. Seconds before the boycott vote on Sunday night that sent comedian Eddie King home, who really understood where the ax would fall? Even cyclist Hugo Barrett was speechless. Nice to say.

Screen capture from video on NOOVO.CA

Eddie King

A member of no dominant alliance, the peaceful Eddie King was sacrificed. Honestly, Eddie did not play as hard as his teammates and won only one challenge in two months. Too short too late. Tranna Wintoor never wins, except when Lyson gives Richard his musical chair, but she gets involved in behind-the-scenes affairs unlike Eddie.

Two alliances will compete in the coming days: Mary-Mai, a group of five women (Claudia, Leo, Stephanie, Tranna and Lysonne), as well as Martin, Hugo, Claudia, Leo and Stephanie. Hence the importance of the next boss election to be decided unanimously as in the actual jury.

When Tranna Wintour goes into the homeowner’s room, she targets her enemies, Hugo and Martin, from day one. If Martin Wachon wins the jury’s favor, he will try to eliminate Tranna or Lysonne. The game is as thick as a large California wine.