May 22, 2022

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Towards the historic winter in Sagene-Lock-Saint-Jean

Towards the historic winter in Sagene-Lock-Saint-Jean

Winter as we know it promises to be historic in Sagune-Lock-Saint-Jean.

The area has received about 330 cm of snow so far, one meter more than normal precipitation, and it is not over. More piles are likely to come in the coming days.

However, these constantly accumulating dumps give serious headaches to private and municipal snow removers who do not know where to put all this snow. Municipal snow dump sites are also practically capable.

“It’s the second worst winter in 30 years. And we hope it’s probably the worst in 30 years. In the last 10 years, we have been below the annual average. We forget that there is a possibility of large amounts of snow. But yes, it’s the hardest winter, and we accept it, “said Jimmy Bouchard, chairman of the Public Works Commission in Sagune.

In Sagune, the teams had just got the upper hand, but had to start all the work due to the snow that fell in the last hours.

“We were able to bring our heads above the water. Right now, it dropped 20 centimeters yesterday. We’re still waiting 15 centimeters tonight, and it’s definitely starting again,” said Jimmy Bouchard, looking forward to returning to class on Tuesday morning, clearing sidewalks, especially near schools. The city will focus its efforts.

It has become difficult to balance traffic in many residential areas. Private spaces are covered with snow and the latter flows over the public road.

“When we blow our snow, we do not know where to put it. We pray that it does not fall on houses and neighbors’ entrances,” explained Nathalie Tangwe from Dengue Robin Morin.

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For private snow removers, winter is a time to forget when there are no profits.

Also, regardless of the company, consumers should expect their snow removal bill to rise next year.

“I can not give a number. We will start by ending the season. But it is certain and certain that there will be an increase next year, that’s for sure. It’s not just about fuel prices, it’s about everything. Hope not to be pulled.