May 18, 2022

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Another Women’s Rights Day?

Another Women's Rights Day?

Do we really need International Women’s Day in 2022?

Looks like we’re far ahead, right? Isn’t it like women are still hooked to their torch?

Sit on our honors


In 2022, women will still receive much lower wages than men.

They are more often responsible for the well-known psychological burden of following emails from school, making appointments with the doctor, and losing work when children are sick.

If times are changing and Mr “only” brings money to support his family while the mother looks after the little ones, the balance is not yet neutral.

For many women, even those who refuse to use the title “feminist” like me, find that inequality before duty is not equal.

I belong to the generation of the lucky ones, whose path was paved by activists who should respect their work, but will continue.

Women in 2022

If we ignore the house where Madame still reigns as the Goddess of the House, we may wonder where women have been for the past two years.

I give you a thousand, they are in front, taking care of the most fragile of us. In good French, they scrapped.

In 2020-2021, under the circumstances we know, women make up almost 87% of the people practicing the nursing profession in Quebec.

They still represent 75% of the staff in Quebec classrooms.

Today, let’s think about all the women who are being violated every day, but also thanks to those who keep our networks at arm’s length despite the winds and tides.