March 21, 2023

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“I can not reveal the amount!” – Coffeefield

"I can not reveal the amount!"  - Coffeefield

“It will cost you once, but after that, you will pay the draft.” This is how Martin summed up Rookie Dinner when he was an NHL player in St.-Louis.

No need to take his credit card to realize the cost of a St.-Louis Canadian rookie dinner. This evening is reserved for players.

“I do not know the amount. There is no exact number in my eyes, but I made the eyes bigger!

Cole Cowfield kept smiling even though he had probably put a larger amount on his credit card than during a traditional dinner at La Banquis on Rachel Street in Montreal.

Cowfield was part of a substantial group of seven rookies who were lucky enough to split the entire bill.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no rookie dinner last year. Cowfield, Jake Evans, Alexander Romanov, Michael Pazetta, Kale Clog, Corey Schuneman and Kaden Primou are lucky.

“It was a good evening,” Pazzetta said. Guys always tell you to remember your rookie dinner forever. We dressed up, it was funny. As a group, we enjoyed our day.

“I remember the whole evening, Coffeld added. I had a lot of fun with the guys. Exiting hockey also felt good.

To spice up the day a little, seven young men from CH spent the better part of the day walking the streets of Vancouver dressed as frogs.

Good moment

As Jose Theodore says in his column, this rookie party remains the highlight of a season. Between the three-day games against the Oilers and the Canucks, the city of Vancouver is the perfect venue to host the event.

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“It’s a tradition, remember …