May 18, 2022

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OSM withdraws Russian pianist Alexander Malofiev

OSM withdraws Russian pianist Alexander Malofiev

Orchester Symphony de Montreal chooses to withdraw Russian pianist Alexander Malofiev from concert “Michael Tilson Thomas: Monumental” in view at Maison Symphony.

An OSM guest on the show was a 20-year-old young musician from Moscow, featuring works by Grig, Prokofiev and Schubert.

Alexander Malofeev will not be replaced for the first concert on Tuesday evening and he will not be replaced for other concerts presented on Wednesday evening and Sunday. Prokofiev’s Concerto no. 3rd place was replaced by the tragic overcharge of the Brahmas.

OSM feels it is inappropriate to welcome this musician in the current context.

“I am delighted to be working for the first time with the extraordinary young pianist Alexander Malofiev in Montreal.

Artists who deliver messages of peace and hope, OSM emphasizes the importance of maintaining relationships with them regardless of their nationality and hopes to welcome this extraordinary artist when the context is favorable.

The Montreal Collective decided to make a donation in support of the Ukrainian community. OSM invites people to do the same with a recognized organization such as the Red Cross or UNICEF.

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