May 18, 2022

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Annual Commonwealth Day | The Queen canceled her first public outing several months later

Annual Commonwealth Day |  The Queen canceled her first public outing several months later

(London) Queen Elizabeth II announced her attendance at a religious service in Westminster Abbey in London on Friday evening, marking her first major outing after several months of fragile health and three weeks after catching COVID-19.

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Brigitte Dusso
France Media Agency

It is estimated that about 1,500 people will be there as part of the annual Commonwealth Day, with the 96-year-old sovereign in April being the most affiliated.

“The Queen has asked the Prince of Wales to represent Her Majesty in the Commonwealth Service in Westminster Abbey on Monday,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement, adding that the Queen would “continue other scheduled engagements next week, including personal engagements.” No reason was given for the cancellation of the palace.

Sovereign vision for months is rare. After spending a night in hospital in October, the Sovereign, who celebrated his 70th year of rule in February, was confined to “light duties” at Windsor Castle, for no preliminary “preliminary inquiries”. His doctors.

The cancellation, announced Friday, promised to raise questions about his health, in addition to a diplomatic reception on March 2, his first major engagement since October.

The Queen is also scheduled to attend a ceremony in Westminster Abbey on March 29 to commemorate her husband, Prince Philip, who died last April.

Mild COVID-19

Palace declared her infected with COVID-19 on February 20, citing “mild symptoms.”

Sovereignty, which seems to have weakened in recent months, has since picked up some ambassadors via videoconference in Windsor Castle, where she has lived since the Pandamik, and resumed some light operations for evidence.

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Her son Prince Charles said in early March that the world’s oldest emperor was “much better now.”

On March 7, he personally received Sovereign Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whom he had known since childhood.

Photo by Steve Parsons, Reuters

Queen Elizabeth II received Justin Trudeau at Windsor Castle on March 7.

“She was smarter than ever and was very interested in what was going on,” he said after the encounter, whose photos showed the relaxed and smiling queen.

But Monday afternoon’s celebration, part of the annual live broadcast on television, has another dimension, with 1,500 people expected, including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, group politicians, ambassadors and celebrities. Many members of the royal family, including the Commonwealth, and the Crown’s successor, Prince Charles.

The Queen is closely associated with the Commonwealth, a body of 54 nations, including 15 sovereign states.

Known for her strong health, she was first seen using a cane on October 12th. After her brief hospitalization, she rescinded several commitments, including a visit to the Climate Conference (COP26) in Glasgow in November. Palace explained that she had back pain, which was canceled at the last minute a few days later.

The sovereign admitted last month that she had mobility problems. “As you can see, I can not move,” she said, pointing to her left leg and receiving two soldiers.

Church service in Westminster did not take place last year due to the COVID-19 epidemic – a parade of flags and a piece of music composed specifically for his 70-year reign (Platinum Jubilee).

In March 2020, at the beginning of the epidemic, the ceremony marked the last official engagement of Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, before they left to live in California, freed from their royal obligations.

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The atmosphere between the couple and Prince William – Prince Harry’s brother – and his wife Kate is described as icy.

Four days of celebrations are also planned in June to celebrate his platinum jubilee with a military parade in London, huge picnics, a historic reconstruction of his 70-year reign and a concert at Buckingham Palace.