May 18, 2022

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Kovid-19: The epidemic is accelerating again this week

Kovid-19: The epidemic is accelerating again this week

The COVID-19 pandemic has stopped declining in the world this week, and pollution has started to rise again due to the resumption of cases in Asia. Here are the important weekly developments taken from the AFP database.

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An important indicator is that the number of cases diagnosed reflects only a fraction of the actual number of contaminants and comparisons between countries should be considered carefully, as testing procedures vary greatly from one country to another.

For country-wise statistics, the analysis was limited to at least 500,000 residents, whose incidence rate exceeded 50 weekly cases per 100,000 residents.

With 1.59 million pollutants recorded daily worldwide, the index is rising again after a five-week decline (+8% compared to the previous week), according to an AFP report that stopped on Thursday.

However, daily pollution was more than half the maximum by the end of January (3.37 million daily cases).

Asia and Oceania remain the two worst-hit areas this week, with 27% and 20% more pollution, respectively, compared to last week.

The index is also slightly red in Africa (+ 3%) and Europe (+ 1%).

On the other hand, the situation is improving significantly in the United States / Canada zone (-30%), the Middle East (-27%) and the Latin American / Caribbean zone (-12%).

The Netherlands is the country that recorded the largest acceleration during the week (+80% compared to the previous week, 62,800 new daily cases).

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It is followed by Vietnam (+ 63%, 196,400), South Korea (+ 55%, 264,000), Portugal (+ 35%, 12,200) and Ecuador (+ 28%, 1,500).

Georgia has the highest weekly decline (-64%, 1,800) over Belarus (-56%, 1,500), Turkey (-44%, 33,300), Lebanon (-43%, 1,100) and Norway (-41). %, 7,800).

South Korea is the country with the highest number of new infections (absolutely 264,000 daily cases, + 55%) or its population (3,605 weekly cases per 100,000 inhabitants) this week.

In absolute value, Vietnam (196,400 daily cases, + 63%) and Germany (177,200, + 15%) complete the podium, followed by Hong Kong (3,002 cases per 100,000 inhabitants) and New Zealand (2,934). Population ratio.

Worldwide, the number of daily deaths continues to decline (-12%, 6,700 deaths per day).

The United States has the highest daily mortality in absolute value, at 1,165 per day this week, ahead of Russia (700) and Brazil (501).

In terms of population, the region with the highest number of deaths last week was far ahead of Hong Kong (23.8 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants), Lithuania (6.0) and Denmark (5.5).