May 16, 2022

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Absent from tribute to Prince Philip | Prince Harry is accused of ‘snubbing’ the Queen

Absent from tribute to Prince Philip |  Prince Harry is accused of 'snubbing' the Queen

(London) Prince Harry’s husband Elizabeth, who died last April, was accused on Saturday of “insulting the Queen” by deciding not to travel to the United Kingdom to attend a religious ceremony in honor of her grandfather, Prince Philip.

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A spokesman for Harry said Friday evening, without giving an explanation, that Prince would miss paying tribute to his grandfather later this month, but that Harry hoped to visit the Queen “soon”.

Harry and his wife Meghan decided to break away from the British royal family in 2019 and now live in California.

In the columns of the newspaper The sunIt was titled “Harry Snubs Philip” on Saturday, and Angela Levine, author of a book about the Queen’s grandson, opined that the prince “snobs not only the Duke of Edinburgh”. [Philip] But most of all, he snubs the queen ”in her absence.

The withdrawal of the royal family mechanically deprived the couple of the police protection granted to them at the expense of taxpayers in the United Kingdom.

Harry has stepped in to pay the costs and is now challenging the Home Office’s refusal in court.

Harry believes “there is something wrong along the line, if he comes for a royal event, he will have police protection”Me Wine.

A ceremony will be held on March 29 in honor of Prince Philip, who died last April at the age of 99.

Photo by Darin Zammit Lupi, Reuters Archives

Prince Philip died in April 2021.

Queen Elizabeth II was due to attend, but her existence was terminated after several months of poor health and a few weeks of catching COVID-19.

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The emperor, who turns 96 next month, said Friday that she will attend a church service in London on Monday in Westminster Abbey, marking her first major outing in months.

Visions of the Sovereign are rare. After spending a night in hospital in October, the Sovereign, who celebrated his 70th year of rule in February, was confined to “light duties” at Windsor Castle, for no preliminary “preliminary inquiries”. His doctors.