December 8, 2022

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Angled stations of the Cross

Angled stations of the Cross

Since becoming leader of PLQ on May 11, 2020, Dominic Anglade’s journey has been fraught with setbacks and bad choices.

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The Liberal Party of Quebec achieved its worst election results in 2018 with 25% support. But with Anglade as leader, the decline continued unabated.

First, the coronation without a real leadership race did not help her. With Alexandre Casson exiting shortly after being forced to run, she was unable to cut her teeth in the negotiations.

The pandemic then eliminated all visible and known possibilities.

A break with the past is needed after the moral outburst of the Charest era and after Philippe Coulard is disconnected from the anxieties of the Quebeckers.

It’s hard though.

The resumption of the party turned to the left by imitating the Quebec Solidarity, confusing many former Red believers who no longer appear there.

Echo, what?

At her first opportunity to perform at a convention in front of activists last fall, she bought her time by demonstrating a focused focus on hydrogen development.

The chef could not be seen empty-handed, but looking back, the “Echo” project, which we had not heard of since, looked like a rabbit in a hat.

In November 2017 in Quebec when Philippe Coulard re-enacted a very ephemeral idea about the quick link between Quebec and Montreal.

The first part of the parliamentary sessions went well.

The absence of Mary Montpet, who was decided by the English to be expelled from the Caucasus, was felt. Marwa Rizvi, who was kept for personal reasons, was not in the Blue Room, where she used to occupy a lot of space.

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Trouble among the English

Hoping to revive the nationalist image, the “new” QLP went a long way in its proposals for the French.

Helen David suggested to Minister Jolyn-Barrett that rights holders from the Anglophone community should be included in the three courses in French in the Anglo CEGEPs, which warmed David Burnbaum.

The leader understood that her shift to the party’s traditional Anglophone clients was going too far and backed down, announcing that she would vote against the new French language charter. She may have been alerted by her caucus that she was in danger of losing what was left of party support.

According to a Léger poll published yesterday, the PLQ lost 13 points on non-francophones in a single month. And despite her attempts, not a single iota moved the needle between her francophones.

Probably because of this, unlike other leaders, the Liberals did not go to Mary-Victorine on Tuesday to support her candidate, partially calling.

Franకోois Legalt, PSPP and Manon Massey proudly posed with their representative. Emily Nolet, she is very lonely with her mark on Twitter.

Dominic Anglade prioritized the campaign in Autouis, where PLQ lost riding to CAQ in 2018.

The party is in danger in various fields: Laval, Anjou, Verdun, for example.

To make matters worse for her, Jean-Charles’ return to the forefront of the Federal Conservatives brings back the image of her trying to make people forget, while at the same time reducing long-term activists and managers who want to get involved with their former leader.

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Five months before the start of the general election, Dominic Anglade appears to be facing various hardships on the way to the cross.