May 24, 2022

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Bianca Longpre hosts new documentary series with Melissa Bedard

Bianca Longpre hosts new documentary series with Melissa Bedard

Bianca Longpré and Mélissa Bédard will soon be hosting a new documentary series whose title is yet to be confirmed, which will sink into the hearts of subscribers in the daily lives of 20 moms from all over Quebec.

In this 10-episode series, Bianca and Melissa meet inspiring women who share their unique focus on parenthood. They generously open the doors of their daily lives. Over the course of a day, they answer many personal questions to share the challenges they face. The search for Bianca and Melissa is without bias or taboo.

Both facilitators had very inspiring experiences. The initiator of the project, Bianca Long‌pre recently gave birth to a boy and is the mother of 4 children, including 3 adopted from DPJ.

For their part, Melissa Bedard and her spouse have six children: her spouse has 3 sons and by the time they met she had two daughters. Two years ago baby Serena came to complete this new family. See a photo of the whole family Here.

The series will be presented on the VRAI platform in 2023.

This documentary series will undoubtedly touch Wray’s subscribers as they meet more honest women. Another series that has sparked debate in Quebec homes Said Daphne Defendi, Senior Director of Content Platform Strategy at VideoTron.

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