December 8, 2022

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Dubey promised reforms for the health system

Dubey promised reforms for the health system

For two years, the lives of Cubans have been interrupted by a series of waves of COVID-19: restrictions, confinements, sacrifices. But the pandemic also revealed Quebec’s greatest patient: the health care system.

“Quebecars are serving their health network, there must be a health network in the service of Quebecs,” said Health Minister Christian Dubey.

He wants to make significant changes in the network. First, an updated management plan in the hospital settings, which should arrive by the time of the fall.

“Quebecars have practiced five times. So we don’t have to practice them! What we want, as a ministry, is to make sure that all our teams work on this plan, ”explained Christian Dubey.

The minister also wants work to be done on surgery. The waiting list continues to grow as nearly 160,000 patients wait. Christian Dubey wants to appeal to the private sector and give priority to those who have been waiting too long.

“I am very concerned about those who are more than 12 months old. For those who wait three months, six months it is not always a blessing. But those who have been waiting for 15 months are not acceptable, ”he said.

50,000 health professionals are missing from the network. Quick access to the election-promised frontline is struggling to improve.

“Until now, everyone has followed the same procedure, meaning that there is only one door to the entrance and the only person responsible is the doctor. It’s probably less important to be a doctor, but it’s health professionals, ”the minister said.

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Christian Dubey is far from the first politician to attempt reform. He hopes that everyone will cooperate to implement different aspects quickly.

“I will try to do as much as possible in the short time we have left.

And for a health emergency, which has been maintained indefinitely for two years, he promised to lift it after mid-April.