May 22, 2022

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Two-year epidemic: Legalt wants Kovid-19 victims to be forgotten, Anglade says

Two-year epidemic: Legalt wants Kovid-19 victims to be forgotten, Anglade says

The official opposition leader, Dominic Angled, has accused Prime Minister Franois Legalt of wanting to “forget” the people who died with COVID-19 this year.

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Two years after the outbreak of the pandemic officially declared by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020, Coalition leader Avenir Quebec published an open letter on Friday in which he paid tribute to those who had died of the disease.

But this year the government has chosen to place the flag at half mast on the Central Pavilion of the National Assembly, as with all government offices here and elsewhere, rather than holding a big ceremony like last year.

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According to Franకోois Legalt’s press secretary, Ivan Save, the “more prudent” choice of celebration was made “to honor the families of the victims and loved ones and all the Quebecans who were again severely affected by the pandemic.”

However, Quebec Liberal Party leader Dominique Angled sees this as another attempt by the government to “escape the COVID issue”, which, according to her, was “several months ago”.

“It is unfortunate that Franకోois Legalt wants to forget all these deaths that have occurred this year, she lamented through a press release on Friday.

She called on the government to set up a public inquiry commission to “clearly identify the good and bad decisions made in the epidemic” and pledge to do so if she is elected in the coming fall elections.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed 14,141 lives in the province since its inception, up from nearly 4,000 last year.

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