May 18, 2022

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Conservative Party Leadership | Patrick Brown formalized his candidacy

Conservative Party Leadership |  Patrick Brown formalized his candidacy

(Brampton) Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown announced on Sunday that he was entering the Federal Conservative Party leadership race.

Posted 12:09 pm
Updated at 1:56 p.m.

The new candidate has deep roots in Brampton, the country where Conservatives need to improve their records if they want to form a government.

In his speech, he promised to expand the Conservative tent. “I want to welcome in our family those who have never voted for the Conservatives and are willing to choose other parties,” he told his supporters.

Recognized as a tireless organizer, Mr. Brown became the fifth candidate to enter the race after Erin O’Toole. The others are former Quebec Premier Jean Charest, MPs Pierre Poyleivre and Leslin Lewis and Ontario Independent MP Roman Baber.

Mr. Brown has proven himself to be a man who can unite the party across the country. He said he could achieve this without sacrificing seats in the western or rural areas of the country. According to him, it is time to stop treating Western conservatives as “ATMs”.

He also talked about his environmental positions that supported carbon prices when he was leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party. He promised to consult the Conservatives, who are most opposed to the move, before deciding on the party’s environmental policy.

I am confident that together we can achieve success while taking into account climate change, regional jurisdictions, energy security and energy sector workers and making the cost of living affordable.

Patrick Brown, CPC leadership candidate

He also wants conservatives to rebuild bridges with cultural communities in the country.

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Mr. Brown also extended a hand to Quebec. “We must respect the rights of Quebecs,” he argued. We must provide a stronger voice and a better future for Quebecars. ⁇

Pledged to fight to preserve the French language in the country.

However, he expressed his opposition to Quebec’s law on secularism. “When everyone was silent against the law banning religious symbols, I fought to protect religious freedom. No one should lose their job because of faith. It does not matter if he wants to wear a turban, hijab or kirpan. Everyone in Canada has the same opportunity. ⁇

While in Brampton City Hall, he wrote a letter to other Canadian municipalities urging them to raise funds in support of a legal challenge to the law.

In the past, he has condemned conservatives for proposing the establishment of a telephone line in 2015 to ban the niqab and condemn barbaric cultural practices. He already points out that these promises paved the way for the victory of Justin Trudeau’s liberals.

Patrick Brown is actually a former MP from Toronto. He was also the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario from 2015 to 2018. He resigned due to allegations of sexual misconduct.

This week, Mr. Brown and the CTV network, following which he filed a defamation suit, reached a conciliatory agreement. The CTV Network news service expressed “regret” for the misinformation, including the age of the complainant.

Mr. Brown recalled this episode in his speech on Sunday. “When the media tried to make me the latest victim of a culture of dissolution by making false accusations against me, I fought and I won,” he said.

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Brampton was elected mayor a few months after he resigned.

Mr. Brown is the fifth candidate to enter the race after Erin O’Toole. The others are former Quebec Premier Jean Charest, MPs Pierre Poyleivre and Lesline Lewis and Ontario Independent MP Roman Baber.

The name of the next Conservative leader will be announced on September 10.