December 6, 2022

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The loss of Odessa is a ‘military, strategic and cultural disaster for the country’

The loss of Odessa is a 'military, strategic and cultural disaster for the country'

Sirens were still ringing in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, so the majority of civilians fled in anticipation of an imminent Russian military attack. However, some residents remain in the city to receive weapons training.

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If sirens are sounded to warn citizens about potential threats, their constant frequency will keep Odessa citizens alive in spite of everything.

“The sirens sound several times a day and as a result, residents can’t stop living every time. People continue to do their shopping, walking and strolling down the street because they really have no place to go,” commented freelance journalist Alexis Gilly.

Odessa residents oppose taking refuge in shops or cars, although these shelters can do nothing against the onslaught of “mass destructive projectiles”.

“Unlike Kaivala, there is no metro access or major underground network […] In the Odessa suburbs, residents do not go anywhere to seek shelter, “said an independent journalist.

Since the announcement of the attack on the city of Odessa was made 15 days ago, the inhabitants of the city itself are the people who have decided to fight.

“These people are being trained with automatic weapons. These are young men, often women, preparing to defend the city, ”he said.

“If Ukraine loses Odessa, it will be a military, strategic and cultural catastrophe for the country,” Alexis Gilly concluded.

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