May 18, 2022

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Community organizations | 5.4 million to fight against “digital segregation”

Community organizations |  5.4 million to fight against "digital segregation"

One in three says they are lagging behind in digital matters in community organizations, while Quebec is investing $ 5.4 million to support 3,000 people over three years.

Posted 9:47 am

Kareem Benessaih

Kareem Benessaih

The DATAaide program, created in partnership with 50 organizations and coordinated by Centraide, aims to be “accessible, simple and personalized,” Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity Minister Jean Boulette told a news conference Monday.

“It’s an approach that helps fight the so-called digital divide,” he said. For me it was super ground […], The winning principle that alternates between learning modules and experiment periods. ⁇

Focusing on training, sharing best practices and raising awareness, the DATAide program is divided into four distinct components. First, we would like to inform 3,000 community organizations through webinars about the benefits of digital shift. 180 companies will be trained to strengthen digital skills in the population. About 60 people will be identified as becoming “digital influencers”. Finally, of the 5.4 million, 3.6 million will be granted 500 scholarships for the purchase of computer hardware and software.

Assists by providing Open North data and technicians.

A Greater Montreal Centride study conducted in 2019 found that 30% of companies lag behind in the use of technology and have an average of five year old computer equipment. “With the epidemic, the importance of digital change has increased, and community organizations are no longer beyond this trend,” Mr Boulette said.