January 27, 2023

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“Star Academy”: Surprising and delightful variety

"Star Academy": Surprising and delightful variety

The seventh Variety menu of “Star Academy” this Sunday was abundant and charming, and although Audrey-Louis Busezore left surprisingly, the range of numbers gave us complete satisfaction, satisfaction and joy. Apparently failed to convince teachers or the public.

After recording at Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal, it was a huge task for Eloy to launch the number as a tribute to the concerts of the Gerry Boulette and Affenbach group.

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In addition to Daniel Boucher’s intensity, we particularly remember Blue Jeans Blue’s duet between Julian and Claude Cobra on “Only for an Adventure” in a confessional atmosphere.

Oliver was not offended by the comparison of the song “The Song of Pain” against Dan Bigross, Sarah-Maud and Lulu Hughes, after which he engaged in a fierce struggle for power and beauty in “Colin de Blues”.

Audrey-Louis confronts Breen LeBeauf in “Promenade Sur Mars” and finds her place in “My Blues Pass Can In Door” before attending the grand finale in the company of guests and academics. As for the atmosphere for vocal performances, this number remains one of the most wonderful moments we can remember from this season.

Lulu Hughes agreed to replace Brigitte Boyz‌zoli, who was absent due to a loss of voice.

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Put it in danger

Eloy Cummings sought to maintain his place in the academy by honoring his native Magdalene Islands. He beautifully performed “The Ballad of Irving Whale” by Zachary Richard, in which he felt proud of his origin. Very beautiful illustration.

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Audrey-Louise Beauzor did not choose the easy way out by deciding to sing “Love is Still” to stand out exclusively this Sunday. Mark Dupree, who told her she was doing a good job, said her acting was dazzling. His comment was confirmed by Gregory Charles. “Extremely difficult, and excellent performance,” said the teacher, adding that Celine Dion may also have stood up to admire Audrey-Lewis.

With “I Won’t Let Go”, through Rascal Flats, Crystal Mongheu chose a song that was not so well known in English to convince people and teachers, but the text spoke to her a lot. His explanation was considered relative. “It simply came to our notice then. You are extraordinary and wonderful, ”said Laura Fabian after a dance of joy.

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Pierre Lapointe is a magician. In some ways, he was able to recreate the jazzy retro cabaret atmosphere that echoed the refrain of the great pop hits of the 1980s and 90s. Before the Red Curtain, academics changed the style of jazz from “You’re in the Moon”, “Dance to Dance” or “Sleep Caroline”. The Urban Science brass band finally hit the stage when Eloy launched “Voyager Sans Toy”. The ending with Jeremy and Marilyn on “Torn Law Page” is awesome. The guest art director did an amazing job that brought a lot of energy and entertainment.


The product for Camellia came as a big surpriseShe saw her father Abdarrahim coming live on the jockey set “Star Academy”. For almost two years the father and daughter hugged without seeing each other. “It was the most beautiful surprise I had, she cried with joy. I hoped he could experience adventure with me.” His father is also scheduled to visit the Academy of Waterloo this Monday.

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Cubeser Jay Scott’s cheerful and restrained universe brought a puff of colorful air with his “Broken” and “Copilot” songs, on which Foukey made a surprising arrival. The academics seemed relaxed and happy with the participation of this number which is very refreshing.

Country version

Gailine Tongue recently released an album of country versions of Janet Renault’s great hits. “Sun Crescents”, “I Want a Friend”, “A little Height” resonate differently in our ears with new arrangements and the duet tones of academics and Guilin Tongue.

Eloi worked hard all week, people could see it and voted en masse to keep him in the academy.

“You two extraordinary women and two great singers, Gailine Tremble, explained a few minutes later. But based on tonight’s performance, we chose to save Crystal.”

Flawless for Oliver

Eloy said he worked hard last week and the result was clear this Sunday. Another educator spent a lot of time working on his description, his diction, his breath and his challenges. Oliver showed that he too had made a lot of progress. He possesses exemplary skill and precision throughout Variety. In a duet with Dan Bigross in “The Song of Pain”, we felt that he was firm and completely in his place. Despite the differences in their age and experience, he came easily. Later, during a number created by Pierre Lapoint, he easily found his place in the duet with Sarah-Maud on the song “T’S Dance La Loon”. If he confirms his every performance with tone, we also saw that he moves agilely. Teachers’ advice to be less static and more active seems to have paid off.

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Julian’s groove

With more discretion in daily life since Matthew’s departure, Julian is clearly on his way to go to the academy, which is in danger of taking him too far. In duet with Claude Cobra as a tribute to Gerry, he really set off in the evening. The groove in his voice was well accustomed to that number atmosphere. He was more sober in his attitude, especially with his vocal prowess. We were able to fully appreciate his talent during the cover of “Anonymous”, a good idea from Pierre Lapoint to entrust him with the task of re-understanding Celine Dion in the jazz version. Versatile, he easily blended into the world of Jay Scott. Despite his obvious talent, Julian has to go to great lengths to be happy listening alone.

They continue the adventure

  • Olivier Bergeron, 20, Kedgwick, NB
  • Julian Charbonno, 23, Montreal
  • Sarah-Maud Desgagne, 23, Amos
  • Marley Dorian, 26, Sherbrook
  • Edward Lagas, 27, of Cowansville
  • Jeremy Plante, 25, Lewis
  • Camellia Jackie, 17, Sherbrook
  • Protected by the public
  • Eloy Cummings, 16, Magdalen Islands

Teachers rescued

  • Crystal Monkeyu, 25, Sherbrook

The daily “Star Academy” airs Monday through Thursday at 7:30 pm on TVA.

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