May 18, 2022

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Marketing-Advertising | Reconstructions that failed to attract young workers

Marketing-Advertising |  Reconstructions that failed to attract young workers

Since the end of January, Loves Canada has been running an intense recruitment campaign for its 2022 summer season. Nationwide, it wants to replace 5,000 locations – more than 1,700 in Quebec alone – with its stores and RONA and Renault-Depot brands.

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Isabelle Massey

Isabelle Massey

It relies on humor to attract attention, especially from Generation Z members, due to the small failed revival projects the company has implemented on TikTok and other social networks. Thanks for the exhibit at the Galleries de la Capital in Quebec. Was baptized Temple of bad thoughts (Tea Hall of Fail) And the advertising agency created with Sid Lee, which contains pieces attached to QR codes so that individuals can apply for the job immediately.

The campaign also aims to deliver the message that the company needs to properly train its new employees. “Hiring 5,000 people is a huge challenge, especially from the high-demand Generation Z,” said Jacinte Prince, director of Loves Canada brand engagement. The main obstacle and the lack of experience in the reconstruction of young people is that the concept of the campaign is based on the idea that they value the employers who provide the training and promote their development. It is very rare to set up a toilet already at this age! ⁇

So far, this is a signature campaign Learn on the jobAnd its exposure Temple of bad thoughts Lowes said hundreds of positions have been filled, with its recruiting budget growing every year for the past five years.

Photo provided by Lowes

Jacinte Prince, Director of Brand Engagement, Lowes Canada

Loves and Sid Lee did everything possible to attract the attention of young people and make the spaces attractive. “For such a campaign to be successful, we really need to reflect as an owner,” explained Nadine Chiason, director of Talent Acquisition in Loves Canada. She should set the tone. The target group should be considered important, understand how it contributes to the success of the company, prove to them that we are committed to different communities and that the environment is an important issue. What we promise must come true. ⁇

Over the months, employers have intensified their efforts to attract candidates beyond the traditional job postings on job sites. The demand for TV, radio, social networks, in short, marketing is increasing. “Recruitment has become marketing. You, Jasinthe Prince Launch. Our employees are our raw material. How important it is to sell products. ⁇

And what about using humor to meet human resource needs? “We have to make new discoveries,” Nadine Chiason replied. Humor has already been used on a small scale in job interviews. I often remind people that candidates are not interviewed by the police. Humor makes people feel comfortable and reduces stress. ⁇