May 24, 2022

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Ben Chiarrot: ‘I enjoyed being his companion,’ ‘Gallagher said

Ben Chiarrot: 'I enjoyed being his companion,' 'Gallagher said

As is often the case, as the trade deadline approaches, Ben Chiarot has been left out for players to trade. Defender has not yet changed his address, but his teammates are already accustomed to the idea that he should not wear the same uniform anytime soon.

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“In the three years he has been here, fans have been able to appreciate what he has done for our group. He is very hard to deal with. He is the most watched man in our defensive squad. I don’t think he was gone, but I enjoyed being his companion. ⁇

-Brendon Gallagher

“It is always hard to lose a person like him. He’s still here, but we know the conditions. We have been colleagues for a few years. The two played good hockey together. It’s sad, but it’s a part of life. ⁇

-Paul Byron

By scoring two goals in eight seconds, Cole Cowfield joined big names in Canadian history: Pete Mahovlich, Stefan Richard and Maurice Richard. That did not impress him much.

“It’s great.

-Col Cowfield

For the third time in several games, Canadians played catch-up hockey. This time, however, he was unable to collect the seeding point as he had done on the Seattle Kraken and Flyers in Philadelphia.

“We have played well in the last three matches. This evening [mardi], We deserve better. In fact, we deserve what we got in Philadelphia. I’m happy with the way the team is playing. ⁇

-Martin St.-Louis

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“Yes, we did …