March 28, 2023

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French Defense | Quebec attacks non-subsidized private English speaking CEGEPs

French Defense |  Quebec attacks non-subsidized private English speaking CEGEPs

(Quebec) The Legal government is giving a new twist to its Bill 101 version. In a series of amendments submitted on Wednesday, non-subsidized private CEGEPs will provide new mechanisms for bypassing the network. English Public College, Student Union 30,834 places frozen in bill.

Updated yesterday at 4:43 p.m.

Hugo Pilan Laros

Hugo Pilan Laros

The Minister in charge of the French Language, Simon Jolene-Barrett, on Wednesday increased the scope of Bill 96, restricting the growth of certifications of collegial studies (AEC) in English, leading to the immediate preparation for employment of these small programs. With this amendment, Quebec “seeks to freeze the share occupied by AEC programs in the public and private subsidized English-language college network as compared to all AEC programs offered in Quebec.”

“Between 2017 and 2019, the total offer of AEC programs offered in English will grow by 206.6%,” the ministry said in a statement.

“Certified Knowledge of French”

Quebec is also planning amendments to “freeze the share occupied by AEC programs in English on the public-private subsidy French-language college network” and “to create French conditional knowledge on obtaining AEC for the public rather than subsidized ones”. And the non-subsidized private sector except for the beneficiaries “.

“This certified knowledge of French allows the student to interact, to thrive in the Quebec community and to participate in its development. The form that this requirement takes is defined by the control of the French Language Minister,” Minister Jolin-Barrett’s office said without elaborating.

In late February, the Legalt government closed the door on the application of Bill 101 in the CEGEP, an issue that is still being debated in the government caucus. Quebec has instead modified the version of the French language charter, imposing three courses taught in French on all English-speaking CEGEP students to obtain their diploma.

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