December 6, 2022

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Laura Fabian presents a special gift to Audrey-Louise after her departure

Laura Fabian presents a special gift to Audrey-Louise after her departure

At Gino Chonard and his collaborator Sabrina Kornoir HelloDuring the broadcast, Laura Fabian, academy director, shared a wonderful gift to Audrey-Louise on Wednesday while educating while on a trip to Sugar Shock. Star Academy.

Joel Lemey / QMI Agency

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Gino and Sabrina shared a short excerpt from Daily, which airs this evening, which includes news about Audrey-Louis.

In fact, after his controversial departure Star Academy, Academics wanted the news that everyone was looking forward to for the success of this edition. Laura, very disappointed with her departure, wanted to tell them great news for her.

“I’m been talking to Audrey – Louise every day since Sunday, and she’s fine,” she assured him.

Then, the 23-year-old mother went further with the wise words reported by her former director.

“You know Laura, life is good. If my adventure had stopped at that point, that would probably have been the real reason, ”she replied.

Her words could not be more apt as Laura unveiled the wonderful gift she was giving to Audrey-Louise.

“So I took her to all my shows, The [Théâtre] MySannev and Videotron Center. She will be by my side to sing with me, ”she declared to her little hearts.

What a wonderful gift for this artist who is already adored by the people! There is no doubt that this prize is a testament to the unexpected departure from the academy.

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It was quite simply the beginning of a new great adventure for Audrey-Louis. She did not lose it all as Gino said well at the end of this summary. In addition, Audrey-Lewis admitted his departure the next day in an interview with Gino on Monday. Here is what she has to say.

See the full summary of Laura’s statement to her academics during the Sugar Shock broadcast Hello In the video at the top of the article.

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