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Three times nothing by Nadezhda Loiseu | Never without Antoine!

Three times nothing by Nadezhda Loiseu |  Never without Antoine!

Antoine Bertrand is one of the highlights of Three times nothing, A French social comedy in which the actor plays a homeless cub who lives in Paris. Director Nadezhda Loisoki, who also wrote the screenplay, could not have imagined the film being made without the participation of his favorite actor. Management.

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Mark-Andre Luzier

Mark-Andre Luzier

That was 10 years ago. At the time, Nadège Loiseau had already signed on as a director for a short film, but one day writing and directing a film still seemed a distant dream. Normal spectator, she goes to the room where we perform Starbucks, Ken Scott’s film attracted over 465,000 viewers in France. Antoine Bertrand is a true revelation to her.

“I do not really know how to explain this, but I came out of this screening and said that one day I will meet this person,” Nadezhda Loiso explained in a telephone interview Press. “A few years later, I wrote Small tenant, My first feature, and when asked what actor I was thinking of for a role, I immediately mentioned Antoine. The producers were a little shocked at first – they didn’t think an actor would agree to come from so far away – but they were good players. So I sent the script to Antoine, who answered me very quickly. It all started from there. ⁇

All of his cubesitude

The complexity between the filmmaker and the actor developed very quickly. This first experience proved to be so exciting, it is now difficult for Nadezhda Loiso to imagine his cinematographic universe without the Quebec actor. Three times nothingHis new film was also written specifically for Antoine Bertrand, along with his two partners: Philip Robot and Com Levine.

Photo provided by MK2 | The end of the mile

Nadege Loiso

One of the filmmaker’s strongest desires is to honor the actor in his cubes without falling into clichs. This balance is rarely seen in French movies. In Three times nothingWe do not really know how the character played by Antoine Bertrand, nicknamed Brindille, started a new life in France, but we suspect he has been there for some time.

“I, I love Antoine, he’s a Cubocois,” the director insisted. I like him man, I like the accent, in short, I totally wanted him. In Small tenant, He had no real reason to be a cubsberg and I ignored him. I believe Antoine also likes the fact that he is not a Cubacois in my stories. Of course, I always find a little justification for writing, so all of these are credible, but I play Antoine because he is Antoine and he is a great actor, not because there is a character from Quebec in history. ⁇

Social humor is set in the world of the left, Three times nothing Describes the adventures of three homeless people who have to share a large sum of money won in the lottery. When you live without an address and without status, the simple act of claiming your balance can be considered a tremendous obstacle as a bonus with a few shovels on the face. Focusing his story on people who are “nothing” in the eyes of society, Nadezhda Loiso wanted to tell a humanitarian story. Hence the title.

“The situation of the homeless [sans domicile fixe] I’m been worried since I was a kid. “Through this film, at the same time, I’m questioning the way I see them, because you really do not know what to say to them or how to talk to them. It’s also a political issue, because I wonder why governments never take care of these people. Fortunately, the communities are working insanely in some ways, but the state has completely withdrawn from this problem.

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Fade behind

Photo provided by MK2 | The end of the mile

Philip Robot, Antoine Bertrand and Com Levine Three times nothingA film by Nadège Loiseau

Inspired by three homeless people he knew while preparing his first film, Nadezhda Loiso wanted to write his own screenplay for actors with no specific identity with the French people.

“If Antoine had the notoriety of being Omar Sai in France [à qui Antoine Bertrand a donné la réplique dans Demain tout commence, d’Hugo Gélin]I don’t think he can pretend to be a homeless person Three times nothing. Since the film is about actors hiding their character, it is my opinion that it cannot be done with stars. People will not believe. I would probably have increased the big budget, longer filming time and media exposure, but what do I really have to offer? In order not to lose anything in terms of credibility, it is necessary to move forward with complete humility in this story and the actors understand this very well. ⁇

In this regard, the director was very interested in what the reaction would be when the Quebec audience was confronted Three times nothingThe commentators of Jr. Bougan and Louis Zaire provided the great infamy we have.

“Fortunately, I didn’t think much of it when I started this adventure,” she says. Today, the French film community recognizes Antoine well and I believe he is now in good demand in France as well. ⁇

Three times nothing Comes into theaters on March 18th. Antoine Bertrand and Nadezhda Loiso will attend two exhibitions open to the public in Montreal: Saturday, March 19, at 7 pm, at the Quartier Latin Cinema and Sunday, March 20, at 7 pm, at the Bubian Cinema.

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