March 24, 2023

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Canadians want to keep Brett Kulak in Montreal

Canadians want to keep Brett Kulak in Montreal

By his own consent, Kent Hughes wanted Brett Kulak to continue his services and keep him in Montreal for the next season.

And for his part, Kulak feels that he has been given more since the change of management and that he is no longer judged by the same criteria as before.

Is this enough to keep the veteran defender in Montreal?

It depends.

The Canadian could benefit from having a defender like Kulak in his lineup. He’s skating well, he’s good at throwing and he does not look crazy in his zone. It would be perfect with a low cost to fill the jersey during the upcoming rebuild.

But if a team offers a second-round pick for an experienced defenseman, Kent Hughes should drop him.

We agree, Kulak is a good defenseman and he has his place in the NHL roster, but he remains the third pair of defensemen. Sometimes, when the trade deadline comes, some teams stay away and are willing to give a lot more opportunity to specific players.

We saw it yesterday with Ben Chiarrot Trade, where the Panthers gave a lot to fill a crucial need.

Kulak Chiarot is not so good, we all agree with it. But he still has good value for the club he wants …

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