May 24, 2022

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For Charrest “unknown face”

For Charrest "unknown face"

Killing secularism in Quebec (and therefore in Europe) is an autoimmune crime in the conservative race.

The reserve attitude towards Bill 21, which was passed under Skier and O’Toole, was revoked.

On the contrary, it is better to unpack everything that is against it and similar to it.

Candidate Patrick Brown mercilessly condemned the Quebec law. He funded his protest with money from the people of the city where he was mayor of Brampton. (Probably an illegal gesture.)

Brown also condemned his own party, which in 2011 passed a decree to allow citizenship ceremonies to expose their faces during the Harper era.

In doing so, he attacks his opponent Pierre Poyleivre, who supports the command. In 2015, a federal court ruled that Ottawa niqabs could not be banned when swearing in new citizens.

Poilievre no longer had the courage to publicly support the old order. Especially on his team, two members who worked on its design offered their public apologies about it!

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For the Conservatives today, fighting these kinds of measures seems to be a necessary step to win back the immigrant communities.

Jean Charrest chose not to be an exception. On the Mario Dumont set, on March 10, when he was Quebec’s prime minister, he stated that in 2008, he had rejected Bouchard and Taylor’s recommendation to ban religious symbols among state agents in power. .

“We have received notices from the Department of Justice that the follow-up is against the Quebec Charter and the Canadian Charter.”

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But he failed to say in 2010 that his government had introduced Bill 94 on the infamous “bare face” that Bouchard-Taylor considered a way to “enforce”.

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Bill 94 goes far beyond Harper’s mandate on citizenship: “its scope covers all public services,” Jean-Charest insisted on March 24, 2010. He insisted on attending the presentation of the bill (sponsored by his Justice Minister Kathleen Weil). The law, he said, “applies to government employees as much as to government service customers.” She was never adopted.

Today, in relation to the old commandment from the Harper’s era, Jean-Charst, as his team told us, “believes that as long as the identification process is rigorous, new Canadians can freely choose the way they dress.”

On March 10 on LCN, Mr. Charest says they have always had “same positions” at the federal level and in Quebec. On guns, this is clearly wrong. He is against the federal registry and the registry in Quebec.

As for the “uncovered face” rule, the Federal Conservative chart of 2022 is far from the Quebec liberal of 2010, he affirmed: “It’s not about making our home less welcoming than affirming the values ​​that hold us together. A symbol of affirmation and respect for those who open our arms.

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