May 22, 2022

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Panic in a restaurant … | The Journal of Quebec

Panic in a restaurant ... |  The Journal of Quebec

The restaurant was packed, the inexperienced young maid spent her first evening and the late chef gave no sign of life. The game Upside down The chaotic evening falls into the heart and everything goes nowhere What’s wrong.

Premier Octe can be viewed until April 2, Upside downThrough Blanche Geonet-Lavigne, viewers were taken behind the scenes at a small restaurant called Gattuso, which had just received a favorable review.

The author, who signed on to the show, worked in this environment for ten years and she experienced strange and unbelievable situations.

Entering the small room of the Premier Act, it feels like being in a restaurant. There are tables, bar and kitchen section. The staff prepares the service to be followed.

Mark (Jocelyn Pare), manager, Emmanuel (Laura Amar), new waitress, Sous-chef Oliver “La Sauce” (Vincent Massey-Gagne) and Handyman Francis (Vincent Legalt). Chef Sandra (Nadia Girard Eddahia), she was late.

Suddenly there were too many customers. The sauce-chef has to be taken from the chef, the service is slow and there is a shortage of food. Outside works are shaking the restaurant walls as if it were not enough. All this is in the eyes of Aldo (Maxim Perron).


It moves, scares, screams and adventures line up. If anything goes wrong it will go wrong. Even if it is very bad.

The disaster has been pushed to a maximum, but it will be a little narrative. It’s played out a lot, but the unfolding caricature is entertaining.

We see a very successful scene when the chef, the sauce-chef and the handyman are busy in the kitchen. The sound of knives echoes and in the techno “beat” the dough flies back into the air.

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Bringing life to the restaurant in the theater is a complex operation. We are in analogy and imagination. No food and ingredients.

Owner Aldo One wonders whether it is necessary and relevant to use English.

Upside down Beautiful caricature of shots in restoration. And we see adventures that people who work in this field are passionate about. And in the last section of this creation, which lasts 80 minutes, we feel completely.