December 8, 2022

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19th Globe Michael Kinsbury | “I wanted it more than anything”

19th Globe Michael Kinsbury |  "I wanted it more than anything"

Believing he should have won gold at the Beijing Olympics, Michael Kingsbury avenged his revenge by winning the finals at the Magave and winning the World Cup season title, the Crystal Globe.

Updated yesterday to 7:32 pm.

Simon Droin

Simon Droin

Mikaël Kingsbury heard “scandals” about the Beijing Games, where he had to hold back a bit and settle for a silver medal.

He has his own idea on the matter – he believes a referee will probably have revenge on him – but there is no question about the recurring scenario in the World Cup finals.

With a 12-point lead over his rival Ikuma Horishima, the Canadian freestyle skier had no choice but to beat him in the singles event at the Megave to win the Little Crystal Globe, which will be crowned season champion on Friday night.

The author, who gave an excellent performance in Final 2, could not make it easier for him by his Japanese friend.

Finally to launch under the reflectors, he flew over the spring bumps of the Kingsbury Sawyard Resort and had a fantastic time earning him maximum points. It remains to be seen the praise of the judges for its jumps and its turns.

After waiting a few seconds, he looked up to read the results on the board. When he realized that “1” would fit his name, the athlete from Dukes-Montagnes shouted with great joy before celebrating his …