November 27, 2022

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According to QS and PLQ, the CAQ slows down the tramway

According to QS and PLQ, the CAQ slows down the tramway

Liberals and solidarity have accused the CAQ government of once again trying to delay the tramway project, which is a dangerous game that could lead to other costs, they fear.

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While Quebec City is under counting, by the end of March, Genevieve Gilbalt, the minister responsible for Capitol-National, had focused on the federal government’s approval of two decrees required for the continuation of the tramway project. On Thursday.


Next to a statement on another topic, Mr.Me Gilbolt pressured Ottawa to officially pay 40% of the total bill for the tramway project, which has grown to more than half a billion in recent months.

“You have to do things in order,” she said, adding that it was a “tough” question.

However, federal sources confirmed that the Quebec government has not yet filed an official request to this effect with the federal government. However, a meeting on this topic should be held soon.

According to Jean-Lesz, a solidarity deputy for Soul Janetti, all this is just “staging” conducted by the CAQ to “delay the project”.

“I feel really sad, we’re still starring in the same movie, trying to slow down the CAQ Tram project‌,” he lamented.

In addition to inflation, federal-provincial disputes have already contributed to raising the bill for the project, Mr Janetti recalled.

“When it comes to transportation projects, the CAQ really suits the provincial impotence of its business. […] We have to move on, “he said.

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Lead by example

“If mMe Gilbalt wants a written confirmation of the oral commitment he has already received, she can lead by example and send an official written letter, ”responded Marva Rizky, Capitale-National’s liberal spokeswoman.

“Obviously, the CAQ will find any excuse to delay the project or derail it,” she added.

For the Liberal Party, the CAQ has no choice but to approve the orders expected by Mayor Marchchand by next Wednesday, March 23rd.

“Otherwise, it’s another undoubted proof that the CAQ is trying to buy into the leadership error and the time between now and the election.Me Rizzie. In the case of current inflation, this foot pull is calculated in millions!

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