May 22, 2022

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$ 4 million work in Lewis

$ 4 million work in Lewis

The “preparatory” work associated with the third link, which will cost more than $ 4 million in 2022-2023, will take place primarily around Highway 20’s Lewis downtown exit. Newspaper.

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According to information obtained through our Parliamentary Office, these planned interventions on the road network for the construction of the Quebec-Lewis tunnel will inevitably be part of improving the existing infrastructure, including the 325 interchanges at road elevations. President-Kennedy.

In the latter, we will first attempt to extend the extension to three lanes of Highway 20 to the Root du President-Kennedy (173), which includes the installation of new lighting systems.

Additionally, a second right turn lane will be added on Route 173 toward Wilfried-Carrier Boulevard. The latter also extends with a lane to the ramp leading to Highway 20 Westbound.

Tasks are designed to “limit barriers to traffic when building a future link”, referring to its internal memo Newspaper Got a copy.

Bonardell did not attend

The work will be announced tomorrow morning, during the presentation of the 2022-2023 road program for the Chowdhury-Appalachians, led by CAQ MPs Stephanie Lachans (Bellechosse) and Samuel Pauline (Buse-Sud). In the case of Transport Minister Franకోois Bonnardell, he will be placed towards Montreal, where other road works will be announced late in the morning.

In the wake of the unveiling of the Third Link project last spring, Minister Bonardell assured that the preparatory work promised before the October 3 elections was “more than symbolic”.

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“We are not just going to mow the grass,” the minister said in an interview.

The first lawn?

It remains to be seen whether the CAQ government will work towards starting work on the third link by the end of its mandate.

We will probably have to wait for the presentation of a lighter version of the tunnel project, perhaps next month, before learning more.

According to the schedule submitted in May 2021, the tunnel boring machine will begin excavating near Lewis in 2027 with the intention of starting in 2031.

Since the CAQ came into power, several major changes have been made to the project. Passing through the tip of the Île d’Orléans, the route of the tunnel, originally drawn eastward, was brought back between the two city centers.

The exit on the north side, which is near the Stade Canoe, is reversed to the Exposite. The relevance of conducting an exit to the Îlot Fleurie in the Saint-Roach district has since been the subject of an analysis whose conclusions have not yet been revealed.

In the latest version of the project, in Lewis, tunnel 325 emerged near the Monsignor-Borget road less than four kilometers from the interchange.

Ancillary tasks To the possible tunnel

  • Adding a third lane on the Route 20 between the Pierre-Laporte Bridge and the 325 Interchange (Route du President-Kennedy)
  • Establishment of light towers east of the Etchemin River

North of Highway 20

  • Adding a second right-turn lane on Route 173 toward the Wilfried-Carrier Boulevard, which extends one lane to the Westbound Highway entrance ramp;
  • Adaptation of super-signaling structures;
  • Change of power supply for CN flashing lights at Route 173 and Boulevard Wilfried-carrier intersection;
  • Construction of a retention pond near the highway.
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South of Highway 20

  • To the 325 Interchange Viaduct, a third-lane structure approximately 500 m long;
  • Landscaping between highway entrance and exit ramps, east (southwest).