December 4, 2022

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Lisa LeBlanc | Dazzling Lisa LeBlanc ★★★★

Lisa LeBlanc |  Dazzling Lisa LeBlanc ★★★★

Lisa LeBlanc is no longer hiding behind Belinda Wig, but inside her Chic disco The whole power of her bingo-loving Alter Ego created in 2020. The album, which marks the return of the Accadian singer to French, is a wonderful ending to this epidemic allotment of 70s clichs set to music by LeBlanc and his shining colleagues.

Posted yesterday at 12:30 p.m.

Pierre-Marc Durivez

Pierre-Marc Durivez

The disc is smooth from start to finish. Lisa LeBlanc has a fun taste. His lover and right-hand man Benoit Morier’s boss pops up! From the first bars of Why do it today, A bitter melody of late, reminiscent of the voice on the singer’s first album. However, the musical atmosphere is cheerful and casual, separated by a magnificent flying bridge that “draws us into the arms of rejection” […] I did not scream until the trumpets were announced! “, Supports the singer. It’s delicious.

LeBlanc and his colleagues – Leonardo Bourgeoisie and Myco Roy of Hottess D’Hiller completed the glorious quartet with many compositions – drawing fun over the 70s concerts to spice up the sauce. Chic disco, Without the impression of dealing with an oven-heated TV dinner. So we found out Gloria Gaynor In the introduction of In the brothBlondie, James Brown on the same song Bridge GossipToulouse in the choir of Do you want to enter my bubble? Curtis Mayfield Groove and harmonies honoring the accordion menu are also reminiscent of the well-known Led Zeppelin song I feel lightA good “feel good” ending to the album.

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Elsewhere, it’s a tool to return to the glory days of the pre-determined Wood Grain; Antoine Gratton’s string arrangements are immaculate kitsch, the brass instruments are as sweet as anyone wants, not to mention especially the melodron, if ever there was one!

Did we miss the raw part of the banjo rocker that was discovered in 2012? Slightly, no doubt, but as she told our colleague Josie Lapointe, her device was “not dead”. “I’m the one who did it for this album.

Chic disco


Chic disco

Lisa LeBlanc