May 22, 2022

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The Pentagon says Russian hypersonic missiles are ‘not a game changer’

The Pentagon says Russian hypersonic missiles are 'not a game changer'

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said Sunday that the hypersonic missiles used by Russia to destroy military targets in Ukraine were “not a game changer” in the face of resistance from the Ukrainian military.

“I do not see them as game changers (weapons),” he said. Austin told the US television channel CBS that Moscow refused to “confirm or deny” the use of this type of missile.

Russia announced on Sunday that it had used hypersonic missiles in Ukraine for the second day in a row. If this shot proves, it will be the first known use in real combat situations of this system, which was first tested in 2018.

By using such weapons, Lloyd Austin says, Russia is “trying to regain momentum” in the conflict in which its military is embroiled.

“In recent weeks (Russians) we have seen deliberate targeting of cities and civilians … because the attack was prevented,” the US minister said.

The Russian forces “were not effective in their movements on the ground, they were mainly blocked” against the Ukrainian fighters who were “fighting bravely and determined to defend their country”, he added.

The Pentagon chief argued that Vladimir Putin had “sent his troops to Schrder”, and that the Ukrainians were “very effective thanks to the weapons we gave them,” such as anti-tank and anti-tank defense systems. -Aerial.

Lloyd Austin warned Russia not to use chemical or biological weapons in the conflict.

Then “there will be a significant response not only from the United States, but also from the international community,” he said.

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Alleging that Washington and Kyiv run laboratories for the production of internationally banned biological and chemical weapons in Ukraine, Moscow said, “If they (the Russians) do anything on the battlefield, they can blame someone else, Ukrainians, we, NATO,” he explained.

The head of the Pentagon also declined to confirm the presence of Russian troops or mercenaries.

“As far as I know we have not seen mercenaries on the battlefield,” the retired general said.

According to a Syrian NGO, more than 40,000 fighters from the Syrian army and allied militia have registered to fight Russia in Ukraine.