May 27, 2023

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In shock, Mariana Mazza bursts into tears after learning of her success at the gala les Oliver

In shock, Mariana Mazza bursts into tears after learning of her success at the gala les Oliver

Mariana Mazza was shocked to learn that she had won the prestigious Oliver of the Year award at the Gala les Olivier on Sunday evening.

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While Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmaris is king of the evening, Cutting down three olive trees at the award ceremonyMariana Mazza won the coveted trophy for Comedian of the Year.

However, the latter did not attend, so when she watched the gala she knew she was winning live from her room. So she spoke on the networks a few minutes later, completely shocked at her success. It was Mariana, tearful, touching and authentic, that she addressed her subscribers not only to express her gratitude, but also to explain the reason for her absence.

Currently on tour with his new show Rude … Forgive me if I love you, The comedian is just tired from his recent appearances and prefers to rest before his next dates instead of going to the gala les Oliver. Honestly, she also said that she felt that her chances of winning were very low considering the other names nominated in the same category.

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“I am just shocked. I do not understand. […] It’s not jokes, it’s my response. I do not seem to understand. […] I can Duplicate Right now, but I’m looking house to house with a glass of wine, a little homemade pizza […] And they said: “Mariana Mazza”. Let’s see! Our mom yelled at me! It was not planned at all, ”we could hear her little dog trying to comfort her next door.

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See his response here:

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His friends Rosalie Wylancourt, Patricia Paquin, Emily Begin and Debbie Lynch-White had many of his subscribers and sent him a lot of love in the comments.

Congratulations to Mariana Mazza!

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